Can We Say Ladies Man?

1 Mar

It’s a tough life my son leads…you know-having to spend his weekend hanging out with the gorgeous ladies pictured below…

My dear college girlfriends Ashley & Lindsay traveled hundreds of miles this weekend to meet my little man for the very first time.  Actually, I guess you might say that they already met Henry back in July when we gathered to celebrate bachelorettes and babies, remember?

However, I am willing to bet they’d agree that their in utero meeting with Henry this past summer wasn’t nearly as exciting as this out-of-the-belly encounter.  While they squeezed in plenty of belly rubs back in July, yesterday they spent the day spoiling my little man with TONS of IN-REAL-LIFE snuggles.  And Hank kindly obliged.

TWO Brunette Babes + ONE Bald Buggy=True Love.

I felt so honored that these girls would take time out of their precious weekends to travel out of state to meet Hank.  They are both faithful PERKS followers and have loved my baby boy from the minute I called them over a year ago to tell them I was carrying him in my belly.  At the time they had no idea that he’d be a boy, or that he’d have cute chubby cheeks, or that he’d be devastatingly handsome.  Yet a year ago, they loved him still.

To me, this is the very definition of friendship.  That even from hundreds of miles away,  and even though we may go weeks (or even months) without talking on the phone…I’m certain that these girls, along with so many other of my dear friends have been our constant cheerleaders.  Cheerleaders for Daddy Perks and I as we’ve stumbled our way into parenthood.  Cheerleaders for Henry as he’s reached milestones and mastered the art of cuteness.

And their constant support has made my entrance into motherhood a journey that I’m proud of.  I am honored to be among the first of my dear friends to pop a bun out of the oven.  In fact-I’d do just about anything to show my appreciation for their loving support.  And just as my sweet friend Rachel showed me after she’d had a baby-I too spent last night letting my breast-feeders hang out as I pumped milk in front of my friends so they could see the type of bovine behavior they can look forward to if they so choose to breastfeed.  Consider it my gift to you girls.  You’re welcome.

**It is crucial that you know that Ashley and Lindsay weren’t the only two bodacious brunettes that Henry spent the weekend flirting with.  Henry also shared his snuggles with another one of his surrogate aunts…my roommate and dearest friend from college, Abby, who joined us after the photo shoot shown above.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me later to snap a shot of Abby and Henry together…BUT-I can share a shot of the first time they met when she came to visit us back in October!

Two of my favorite people in the whole world.

I nearly shed a tear as I looked back at this picture just thinking about how much he’s changed since her visit back in October.  Sigh.

***Henry ALSO met his lovely (surrogate) Aunt Erica for the first time on Saturday!  Remember that wedding I stood in this past summer when I was 9 months pregnant?  Erica was the beautiful bride that loved me enough to have me stand in her wedding party, even in spite of the fact that my belly was a disastrous pink satin distraction as I wobbled down the aisle, swollen feat and all.

I also forgot my camera when she met Henry on Saturday, so you’ll have to wait for the next time we see Erica for pictures …just like I’ve kept you waiting on the pictures of myself as a nine-month-pregnant-bridesmaid.

Aren’t I such a tease?!?

****Ash-If you’re totally confused about the breast pump story…that happened after you went to bed on Saturday night 🙂  Lins and Abby might be scarred for life.  But like I said-at least now they know what their nipples will be up against someday.  I know they’ll be thanking me in due time.

***** Lisa, Mere, Bon, Jenny W, Ebert, Liza…you’re among the other VIP’s/Surrogate Aunts that my sweet precious has yet to meet.  Let’s make these visits happen ASAP!  Henry has been saving lots of hugs and kisses for each of you.  Love you girls!


6 Responses to “Can We Say Ladies Man?”

  1. Rinny March 1, 2010 at 12:25 pm #

    Cute post Linds, too bad your camera was unavailable when you and Hank visited Willow Ave.

  2. Abby March 1, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Several of my girlfriends can also attest to witnessing the pump in action. Ain’t no shame after giving birth in front of an audience. Boobs are nuthin’!

    Tweet you tonight!

  3. Ashley March 1, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Yay!!! Loved the post!! And of course I had a wonderful weekend and I am so happy that I finally meet your cute little man 🙂 I could just squeeze him forever. It was also good to see you! You look wonderful and I only hope that one day I will be as good as a mother as you are! And don’t worry I heard you all chatting about the breast feeding and I have seen my sister, so thats good enough for me..haha! Love you tons and already miss you!

  4. numflinia March 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    i actually love your writing kind, very attractive.
    don’t give up and also keep creating in all honesty , because it simply worth to follow it,
    impatient to browse through a whole lot more of your current posts, stunning day 😉

  5. Catav March 4, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    Oh Lins what a wonderful weekend and what a wonderful family you have. Henry is too precious for words and I am glad I finally got to hold him. I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn. Please know that you are now my role model/inspiration for when I someday become a mother!! It was such a blast to hang out with you, Ash & Abs!! I wish we could do it more often 🙂 All my love 🙂 xoxo


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