I am a Mother.

5 Mar

I am a mother.

I can breastfeed my 19 lb. six month-old, talk on the phone, and walk around my kitchen-all at the same time.

I can confidently leave the house with a puke-stained shirt and still feel like I look good.

I can now comfortably remove boogers from a nose that is not my own, and not think twice about it.

I officially prefer zippers to snaps when it comes to baby pajamas.

I have a new definition for the term blowout.

I have baked spaghetti casserole leftovers in my fridge-from a meal I made in January.

I occasionally have to rewash the same load of laundry twice three times because life gets in the way.

I have comfy, casual, and dressy sweatpants-depending on our company.

I have not bought myself new clothes in a long time, but have thoroughly enjoyed re-discovering old clothes in my closet that are finally fitting again.

I recently redefined and lengthened my list of acceptable things for my 6 month-old to chew on to include remote controls.

I am able to reach into the backseat of my SUV while driving, keep my eyes on the road, locate a pacifier, find my child’s mouth, and re-insert that pacifier.  Did I mention I drive a stick shift?

I am a mother.

*Alright moms out there…add to the list…


3 Responses to “I am a Mother.”

  1. Gwen March 6, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    When my now 30-something daughter
    was a baby, I used to stand at the stove
    and cook while holding her in one arm.

    Your initiation into “real” motherhood
    sounds right on schedule. Keep up the
    good work.

  2. Rach March 7, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    Love this post mostly because I can picture you doing all of these things. Ha. Hmm…trying to come up with one…I am a mother – my car is filled with cheerios and dropped pacis. And I’m no longer alarmed when I smell a strange odor. Probably just a dirty diaper that I forgot to dispose of. Gross, but true!

  3. Abby March 8, 2010 at 12:56 am #

    Love this post. So perfectly stated.

    I might have to do a simliar one! I have perfected the paci-location-while-driving technique!

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