Visitor PERKS.

9 May

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such love and support from our family and friends since we had our boys.

The best gift we can give our children is time spent with the people who are near and dear to our hearts.

And it means SO much to me that my friends have travelled from near and far to meet our little Marshall over the past few months.  Yes-I can say FEW months now because Marshall turned 3 months old last week.

Don’t even get me started on how fast time is moving with two children around.

Anyways-I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the lovely out-of-town visitors we’ve had since our little Marshy-Moo came into the world…

My dear friend Katie (aka KTP) came to visit about a month after Marshall was born. She came all the way from Chicago to see us-and I’m thrilled to announce that as of this summer-she’ll be moving back to Columbus!

Katie happens to be one of the brides getting married this summer whose wedding I’ll be standing in.

Yes-she’s tiny enough to sit in Henry’s chair.

Remind me not to eat again from now until July so that I don’t look like the beached whale bridesmaid standing next to her on her wedding day.

Katie and I have been friends for over 15 years now.  I love and adore her with all my heart and can’t wait to watch her marry her groom this summer.

After all-I do take credit for setting them up.  But that story’s for another day…

Remember these lovely ladies? They came to visit from Cincinnati and Indianapolis after I had Henry and were so sweet to travel to us once again back in March so they could meet Marshall.

In fact-a year later-they sat in the very same chair again so I could snap their picture.  Only this time they each got to hold a Perkins boy…

Ashley holding Marshall & Lindsay holding Henry.

Henry’s a little busier these days since the first time he sat in this chair with these ladies, so we had to bribe him with the infamous bubble wand to get him to sit still long enough for the picture.

Guess which person in this picture could care less about the bubbles…

After Ashley and Lindsay’s visit, the very next Sunday Abby and Jenny came to spend the afternoon with us…

Ladies-don’t be offended that Marsh slept almost the entire time you were there…

Henry loved having you as his lunch dates as he downed his cheese tortellini…

Abby holding Marsh, Jenny, Henry and I!

Abby is also getting married this summer and I was thrilled when she asked me to be her matron of honor.

I am elated to be celebrating her big day standing next to her.

Abby and I were roommates in college and she’s the best friend I could ask for.

Abby, Jenny, and I have many fond memories from college together-including the infamous trip to the Bahamas.  Many memories of which we will never tell our mothers about.

And last but not least-Miss Bonnie came to see us this past Friday…

Marsh had goo goo eyes for Bonnie.

Bonnie is currently living down south in Atlanta and happened to be in town for Mother’s Day.

She and I both grew up in Columbus-but didn’t meet until we were in college together at UK.

I love getting together with Bonnie because we can (and do) chat for hours catching up on life like no time has passed.  I’m beyond thrilled that I’ll be seeing plenty of this chick this summer because of all the wedding festivities of our friends 🙂

Like I said-I am SO blessed to have so many wonderful friends who love and adore my boys as much as I do.

Thanks to each of you who have travelled to spend time with us.

Happy Monday Loyal PERKS followers.

I promise to catch you up on Easter and Mother’s Day this week.

And PS-the blogging gods must have sent a signal to mother nature after my post about the rain.

Ever since I complained, the sun hasn’t stopped shining.

Amen to sunshine.


3 Responses to “Visitor PERKS.”

  1. Abby May 10, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    Yes, AMEN to sunshine!

    Also, I think the M clan needs to be added to you list of visitors here in the near future!!

  2. Bethany May 11, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    Totally off the subject, but I found this and wanted to share it w/ you!

    Franklin County

    MOMS Club of Dublin – southeast Chapter
    We are a non-profit support group for stay-at-home-moms. Support through monthly meetings, newsletters, mom/child activities, Moms Night Out, etc. Our monthly meetings are held usually in the second week. If you have ever wanted to get more out of “staying-at-home”, get out and check out what MOMS Club has to offer!! Please contact Membership VP, Susan at for more information.
    updated 06/08

    Columbus Ohio Stay At Home Moms
    Are you looking to broaden your circle of friends? Want to meet other moms in your area? Come join us for some fun and friendship. We currently meet on the second Monday of every month. This is a non-profit group!! Even more reason to come! C’mon – get out of the house, bring the kiddos & let’s have some fun! Lunch, coffee, playtime…something new & exciting every month 🙂
    added 10/05

    Moms Circle
    We are a group located in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our main goals are to provide fun, healthy experiences for our children, and to make
    friends for ourselves as well. We meet regularly in a variety of locations around the Columbus area.
    Our website is
    Our contact email for this group is
    added 07/05

    MOMS Club of Clintonville, Ohio
    The MOMS Club is a childbased, international organization for at home or part time working mothers. We are a nonprofit and nonreligious group. The Clintonville chapter offers a monthly meeting, playgroups, many activities, a moms night out, as well as service projects and lots and lots of support and fun!
    added 11/09

    MOMS Club of Worthington, Ohio
    The MOMS Club is a childbased, international organization for at home or part time working mothers. We are a nonprofit and nonreligious group. The Worthington chapter offers a monthly meeting, playgroups, many activities, a moms night out, as well as service projects and lots and lots of support and fun! or
    added 06/06

    For the stay at home mom, wanting support and friendship for herself, and a safe and fun environment for their children. We are located in Columbus, OH, and also have a chapter located in Newport News, VA. Visit our website at, or email

    Columbus/Centeral Ohio
    PRO-MOM is an acronym for Parents Resource Organization &Mac246; Mothers on Mothering. We are a one of a kind, local non-profit volunteer organization providing special resources and support to mothers and families with newborn to pre-school aged children. We provide activities not only for kids, but also for mothers and couples. Email me at or visit our website at if you have any questions!
    added 09/03

    Central Ohio Moms
    We are a online community of moms from all over the central Ohio area who also meet for weekly playdates and monthly moms night out. If you are looking for fun, friendship and adult conversation, you have come to the right place. We have listings of family oriented things do to in Columbus along with a mom’s approved list of parks and other kid/family oriented fun.
    updated 11/03

    Moms of Columbus
    Our playgroup is for Moms of the Columbus, Ohio area (Franklin County). We are a very active group that meets every Tuesday from 11-1pm. We have regular Mom’s Night Out events (once/twice a month, usually on Saturday nights) and we chat regularly online. If you are looking to make new friends for yourself and your children, then you have found the right group! You can contact us at
    added 1/03

  3. Bethany May 11, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    One more link for you!

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