Holy 34 weeks and 3 days…

16 Jul

I recieved a text from Daddy Perks yesterday which said:

“39 days. 13 hours. 5 minutes until our due date.”

Can you believe it?  The hubby and I sat in the nursery last night and sifted through mounds and mounds of baby goodies.  No joke-Henry is going to be the best dressed baby this side of the Mississippi.  We’ve got more tubes of Bourdeaux’s Butt Paste then any one baby toosh should need.  Baby Jordan’s…check.  7,032 Stuffed Monkeys…check.  Enough onesies to last us the first year and never wear twice…check.  Put-together stroller…check.  Ironed crib skirt…check.

And as we sat there and looked at each other we couldn’t help but smile.  When this journey started so many months ago it seemed as if our due date would never get here.  And now, we are literally days away from meeting our sweet baby boy.

I’ve joked about not wanting to make it all the way to my due date…thinking that I wouldn’t mind bypassing a few weeks of the back pains, sleepless nights tossing and turning, and the recent waddling which now serves as my main mode of foot transportation.  But as the days begin to dwindle, I’m starting to think I’m going to miss these days.  There’s something to be said for anticipation.  And as we anxiously await the arrival of Henry there’s so many things we spend our days wondering…what he”ll look like..what he’ll sound like…if he’ll like monkeys.

I also think about the unique bond which Henry and I currently share.  Once he enters into the world this bond will change forever.  I will no longer feel his hiccups in the pit of my stomach.  I will no longer get to carry him with me wherever I go.  I will no longer be the only one who knows when he’s moving, stretching, and kicking.  But the amazing thing is-in just a few short weeks I’ll be able to hold him in my arms.  I’ll be able to watch him sleep.  I’ll be able to smother him with the thousands of hugs and kisses I’m currently stockpiling.

Ok…I don’t want to get too mushy.  PLUS-we’ve been busy these past couple weeks and I’ve got LOTS to share with you!  Stay tuned to hear about all the PERKS of Henry’s most recent in utero adventures.  Let’s just say…my little one is QUITE the ladies man.


3 Responses to “Holy 34 weeks and 3 days…”

  1. Jaime Burke July 16, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    awww linz that was so sweet.

  2. Rach July 17, 2009 at 10:04 am #

    You are getting SO CLOSE, Shubz. You are going to be such a wonderful mommy and daddy!

  3. abs July 18, 2009 at 10:32 am #

    ok…. i seriously need to get some tissues now!!

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