SO WHAT Wednesday.

25 Jan

I’m linking up for the VERY first time with the always FABULOUS Shannon over at Life After I Dew for SO WHAT Wednesday…

SO WHAT…if I went to the BMV today to renew my license plate tags-brace yourselves-SEVEN MONTHS LATE.  That’s right Loyal PERKS followers-they expired this past June…and it took me this long to unwillingly drag myself to one of my least favorite places in the world. So sue me. I’m envious of all you responsible law-abiding citizens who are organized enough to just order those through the mail. What’s it like to just open an envelope and see that shiny up-to-date sticker that you get to slap on your license plate once a year? Or in my case every year and seven months. Worst part is-if I decide to play by the rules…I’ll be back there again in just FIVE short months to renew it again. And the double whammy…it’s also my year to renew my license too. LOVE spending over a hundred dollars just so I can keep driving. Not.

SO WHAT…if my two year-old is almost as good as me at putting together his Melissa and Doug United States puzzle together. Ok-I admit it. Geography has never been my strong suit. YES-I was that little girl who grew up thinking that the states of Hawaii and Alaska were next to each other, due to their close proximity to one another in the left corner of every.single. social studies textbook I ever had. How was I supposed to know any different.? So yah-when Henry takes the state of Wyoming out of my hands and places it way closer to its accurate spot than I was aiming, I don’t feel embarrassed-just proud.

SO WHAT…if tasks like unloading the dishwasher or sending an email take me WAY longer than the average (NOT Mother of two toddler boys) person. These are the moments when I dream of life before children. When you could literally pop open the dishwasher door and start with the silverware-without having to pull a big brother off a little brother, grab a stale pasta noodle out of a child’s mouth, keep an 11 month old from climbing up the stairs that his big brother insists do not need a gate, stop a child from completely dumping out the contents of one’s purse which was haphazardly thrown on the chair upon returning home from a play date. You get the idea. Everything just takes longer with children. Efficiency is no mother’s strong suit.

SO WHAT…if it will be damn near impossible to make it to next week without either of my boys having bumps or bruises on their face. Is it too much to ask that both my children be blemish free when I have professional pictures taken of them to commemorate Marshall’s 1st Birthday? By the grace of god, they always seem to develop mysterious cuts, scrapes, and red marks on their foreheads and cheeks RIGHT before important events, so I’m sure Henry will body slam Marshy next wednesday just in time to have a shiner for picture day.

SO WHAT…if I left the lady at the Kroger Deli counter hanging after I ordered a pound of turkey to dart over to the bakery? Henry was about to lose his mind if I didn’t head straight over to get him his obligatory sugar cookie fix. Yes. I am that mother. The one who bribes her child with a sugar cookie every time we go to the grocery store to buy myself 10 minutes of uninterrupted shopping in the produce section while he noshes away on the cookies which are no longer deemed “fresh enough” to sell. I think those nice ladies set them out for free, to provide shopping-with-two-todders mothers like me with a brief reprieve to tackle their grocery lists.

SO WHAT…if my morning preparation checklist has been shaved down to the following bare minimum MUSTS before I leave the house. Braid, brush teeth, mascara. Showering and clean clothes are a thing of the past. We’ve got places to go, and I can’t be worried about who I might run into at the grocery store. Speaking of…

SO WHAT…if I always seem to end up at the grocery store at the same time as the retirement bus full of adorable white-haired senior citizens. Yes-I might spend have half of my grocery run politely giggling at them as they gush over my boys, but how can you blame them for reminiscing about their younger years? They’ve clearly forgotten how wretched it can be to drag two young children to the store in sub zero temperatures just to grab some milk. But thank you oldies-for reminding me to cherish these times. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to forget how much fun it is to pin Marshall’s arms down while I simultaneously try to avoid picking out rotten apples, all so he doesn’t touch or bother his impatient big brother sitting next to him in the grocery cart.

Phew.  I feel better already. Always nice to get a few “so what’s” off my chest.

Hope y’all are having a fabulously perky Humpday!!



4 Responses to “SO WHAT Wednesday.”

  1. Tiff January 26, 2012 at 1:35 am #

    Oh my gosh, we made our “come back” on the same day! Hilarious lol!

    Love your so-what list and love you more!
    And those boys, oh my gosh! So big, so cute!! I’m salivating to see more pictures! 🙂

  2. Katy January 31, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    This post made my laugh out loud. I’m so glad to be out of the toddler phase…although come to think of it five isn’t much better. Here I was thinking that since she is in school she would become this logical being. I don’t know how you do it with two.

  3. Jillian February 1, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    I agree with the simple tasks, oye ve!!

  4. Leah February 12, 2012 at 7:38 pm #

    Love your so-what list…I can relate! It takes me so long to get ANYTHING done around the house (or errands) because someone is either having a meltdown or it’s freezing cold and I have to bundle everyone up to go outside, etc. But it does seem to get easier as they get older, and some day I’m sure I will look back and laugh! And to think–number four is due in June! I guess life is already crazy, so what’s one more?

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