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Merry Merry

1 Dec

It’s the time of the year again folks.

You know the blessed time of year where families come together to take stunning family portraits like this…

And I don’t know about the rest of you. But I’m particularly upset that I didn’t snatch up that red little pleather ensemble for my family christmas card this year.  There’s always next year I guess.

Meanwhile, I imagine I’m not the only one scrambling to get our Christmas cards printed and sent out this year-hoping they’ll be adorned on refrigerators across the country.  Have y’all sent out your cards yet? If not, make sure you go and visit Shutterfly’s website to see all the awesome deals they have going on right now for their holiday cards.

It’s hard isn’t it? Choosing one card that helps to not only represent your family, but that also sends out happy well wishes to your nearest and dearest-those of whom could be celebrating everything from Christmas and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa or even Festivus (for all you Seinfeld lovers out there.)

But let’s be honest, once you’ve secured your dynamite family portrait (see above photo) the hard part is done. Shutterfly has an amazing selection of cards which makes it super easy to snag the perfect greeting for your parents, friends and estranged Aunt Sally who your mom insisted be invited to your wedding to help keep the family peace.

I had such a blast surfing their website to find our family’s card for this year-and once you’ve made your selection, the website is SO user-friendly in helping you to design your card.  You simply upload your photos, and drop them into the spots on your card, and voila, before you know it, your Christmas card recipients will be drooling over your lacy garter they weren’t brave enough to sport in their picture.

And perhaps you’re thinking…I won’t be sending out a holiday greeting card this year. Maybe you aren’t married. Perhaps you don’t have precious children to show off. Or you’re just not down with spending a small fortune on postage just to let your inner circle know you’re thinking about them during this special time of year. Well I can guarantee Shutterfly’s website still has something for you.  Maybe you need thank you cards, or you’ve got an event coming up that you need to design an invitation for. Whatever it is, I promise that Shutterfly is the way to go.

And just in case you weren’t sold on the red pleather…here are a few other family photos to help you get your creative juices flowing as you plan your family’s attire for this year’s holiday photo…

December is here people.

It’s the most wonderful time of year

Here’s hoping that we all sit back, take deep breaths, and remember the reason for the season.


What Came First…

2 Nov

…the Chicken…


…the Egg…

Easter 2011 in Pictures.

31 May

Life with two babies means sometimes you don’t get to blog about Easter until after Memorial Day has come and gone.

And just to give you a glimpse of why our blog has been so neglected lately…in the past 72 hours-I attended two bridal showers, one high school graduation ceremony, one celebratory graduation lunch, and one birthday party. And yesterday I could have blogged-but instead we spent the day poolside working on our tan lines to kick off summer.

But without further ado-here’s a picture rundown of our Easter festivities….

On Saturday we went for a visit with one of the less creepy bunnies around town…

When we were visiting the Easter Bunny, Henry was in rare form.

I thought he’d be terrified, but instead, he was obsessed. He kept walking around saying…

“My bunny. My bunny.”

He just followed the bunny wherever he went. They were pals.

Henry was kind enough to let me hop in for a shot with “his bunny.”

He was also concerned to make sure his little brother was also enjoying the experience.

My handsome men rockin’ their easter pastels.

Is there anything cuter?

Rotten little boys and a mama who loves them so.darn.much.

…moving on to Easter morning…

The loot.

Easter bunny hooked Henry up BIG.

Daddy Perks and his boy checkin’ out the goodies.

Happy boys.

Henry found some new pacifiers in one of the Easter baskets and immediately took them to Marsh.

…moving on to all kinds of seersucker cuteness…

Henry sat in his suit holding his bunny while the rest of us got ready.

Our sad attempt at getting a good shot of the boys in Henry’s chair.

But once Henry was out of the picture…

Marshall was more than ready to smile. Apparently his brother was just cramping his style.

…then it was off to Mimi’s for brunch…

Apparently the Easter Bunny was very busy…

He looks so grown up to me when he squats down like this.

Family shot!

Mimi, Marsh, Daddy Perks & Henry.

Love this boy.

And just one last shot of Henry rockin’ his seer sucker suit and navy topsiders…

Hank channeling his inner Miami Vice.

Ok-so there you have it. It took me a little over a month-but now that I’ve got the Easter re-cap out of the way, we should be back in business.

Thanks for sticking with us Loyal PERKS followers.

Many more perks to come.

Happy Tuesday.

The Rain Can’t Keep The Boys Down.

5 May

So I blame my lack of blogging on the rain.  It’s been the worst.

A dreadful winter followed by a less than pleasurable spring has me hoping for a splendid summer.

I’m talking sunshine, tan lines, trips to the zoo…you get the picture.

But meanwhile-I know two little boys who can’t be brought down by mother nature.

Here are a few pics I took the other day when I was cuddled in bed with the boys.

We were hiding from the rain…

Marsh-where’s your other sock?

Double the chins. Double the cuteness.

Henry losing interest…Marsh still happy to pose for the picture.

Baby blue-eyed boys.

I spend most of my days saying…”Gentle touches Henry!”

And then Henry gives Marshall kisses to remind me how gentle he can be…

And guess who LOVES kisses from his big brother…

Happy Cinco De Mayo Loyal PERKS Followers.

Easter PERKS.

23 Apr

Here’s a sneak peak of our visit with the Easter Bunny today…

Happy Easter to our Loyal PERKS Followers!


Colin, Lindsey, Henry & Marshall