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26 Things for 26 Months.

1 Nov

1. You are OBSESSED with tunnels. You have a toy tunnel that you love to crawl through at home, but now anything that covers you-in your mind, is a tunnel. Blankets, books that you hold over your head…anything really. When we drive on the freeway you call highway overpasses tunnels, and you point them out every.single.time. we drive under one.

2. You love your brother.  But you also love to push him down. And take toys from him.  We are working on the whole sharing thing. And you should know it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to you in size.

3. Your favorite food in the entire world is cereal. You would have it for every meal if we let you. Granted you eat it dry.  You don’t even realize how much better it will taste one day when we let you have it with milk.

4. You love to watch movies.  The first movie you really fell in love with was Toy Story 3. We then of course let you watch Toy Story 1 and 2 because we felt it was only fair that you learn the evolution of how an 18 year-old boy named Andy was dealing with the internal struggle of whether or not to take his toys to college. And of course, for months AND months you spoke of nothing but Buzz and Woody all.the.time.  Daddy and I found ourselves quoting the movies while laying in bed at night. It got to the point where we all needed a little Toy Story detox, so we introduced you to some other Pixar goodies.  You now also love Finding Nemo, Cars, Monster’s Inc. and Ratatouille.

5. You used to call cars “vroom vrooms.” Now you just call them cars. I guess you’re growing up.

6. You are starting to talk about your friends all the time. You often ask if you can go play with them.  Your favorites are Emma, PJ, Ben and Nolan.

7. Every morning when I go in your room I ask you if you had good dreams. You say yes. And when I ask you, “Henry-what did you dream about?” You say “Night night and bunnies.”

8. You are obsessed with dipping all of your foods. Your 2nd birthday party food theme revolved around dips. You need syrup with waffles. Ketchup with fries. And those are the normal combinations. Daddy can’t stand when you dip grapes in your taco sauce.  I, on the other hand celebrate your taste for diversity in foods.

9. You still take 3-4 hour naps in the afternoon, and sleep for 12+ hours at night. Praise.the.lord.

10. You still have your baby hair.  It’s thin, fine, and STICK straight.  You look like you need a haircut every other week. I still keep waiting for you to grow into your thick, wavy mop that I believe you’re destined to have because of your parents’ crazy locks!

11. You say no. A lot.

12. You are a negotiator just like your Mama. You know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to stomp your feet, growl, and yell until you get it.

13. You LOVE going for sleepovers at Mimi and Nana’s.  You have your own room at both of their houses.  They spoil you rotten while you are there. You are so lucky to have them.

14. You are still LONG and LEAN. All the pants that fit you length-wise are too big in the waist.

15. At the park, your favorite thing to do is go down the slide. You still say “weeeeee” every time you go down.

16. You are a mastermind on my iPhone. Not only do you know how to unlock it, but you can maneuver through different apps, find your favorite pictures and videos, and get into Netflix to watch movies.  I imagine it will only be a matter of time before you are instructing me on how to use the latest in technology gadgets.

17. You love to dance. You are really good at mimicking dance moves that you see other people do.

18. Your vocabulary is blowing up. It’s incredible to see you learning new words every day. You are such a sponge. I am shocked by things you pick up on and remember, weeks and even months after they happen.

19. You love animals.  Dogs and cats are your favorite.

20. You are so curious about everything now. You are constantly saying, “Mommy, what is that?” in the sweetest little high pitched voice. And when I tell you the answer, you always say, “Ohhhhh.”

21. You are all boy. Whenever you walk past the TV and sports are on, you immediately start yelling and fist pumping. Clearly you’ve learned this habit from your father. You and Daddy love to play baseball, football, and soccer in the family room. This drives Mommy bonkers.

22. One of your favorite treats is to have a popsicle after dinner. Shhhhh, I won’t even tell you that your popsicles are just unflavored ice. We just freeze water and  you think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. This way we don’t have to worry when you drip it all over the carpet.

23. You still love bath time AND bubbles. You protest when I try to get you out of the bath tub by laying flat on your stomach with your face down in the tub. And as soon as I am able to finally lift you out, you try to make a run for it, butt naked into your bedroom and hide behind your chair. It’s cute now, but hopefully something you grow out of before the teenage years.

24. Whenever we are getting ready to leave the house, you always bring me my shoes.  I did not teach you this.

25. Whenever I say anything regarding the potty you always yell “No Mommy!” It’s gonna be a while before we go down that road…

26. You are loveable, stubborn, headstrong, and hilarious. You make us laugh every day. The past 26 months have been the best months of our lives.


Two Years.

31 Aug

What a difference two years makes…

So tiny in my arms.

NOT so tiny in my arms.

Trying to wrap my brain around the fact that on this very day two years ago Mr. Henry came into our lives.

Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Much more coming to celebrate your big day…

Watch out Justin Timberlake…

13 Jun

Henry’s bringing sexy cute back.


Never mind the ketchup stain on his shirt.

With the hat he’s rockin’ and the pearly whites he’s flashin’ this boy is going places.

(And growing up WAY too fast.)

On The Tough Days…

21 Apr

I just try to remind myself…

Children are a gift.

And even on days where I find myself counting to ten in my head and taking absurd amounts of deep breaths…

Because this little rascal is digging those sweet little fingers in the pantry for the umpteenth time…

I still know it’s all worth it.

Today while Henry was eating lunch and I was doing the dishes, I sneezed.

And then I heard the sweetest little voice say:

“Bless You.”

…or in Henry language…

“Bleh eeeee.”

And it’s moments like that one that leave no doubt in my mind…

That I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Time for a haircut?

24 Mar

Daddy Perks snapped this shot of Mr. Henry after his bath this afternoon…

Don’t worry.  The haircut is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am sharp.

But seriously-crazy hair aside…this kid has got the best eyebrows and eyelashes this side of the Mississippi.



March Madness, Baby!

16 Mar

What’s your favorite color baby? BLUE AND WHITE!

Once again, in honor of our pending trip to Wildcat Country later this week…here are a few shots of my boy getting his game face on…

Henry sporting his UK BLUE…compliments of his Auntie Cait!

He. Loves. Basketball.

Check out that form!!!

We keep raising the the basket higher and higher…

Because he likes to dunk and show off…

And then we’re forced to tickle him…

…to remind him who are king and queen of this court…

Have y’all filled out your brackets yet?  I LOVE this time of year in college basketball.  I live for the last second shots, buzzer beaters, and of course some good ol’ fashioned Dickey V commentating!

We split allegiances in this household as Daddy Perks is an Ohio State Buckeye alumni, and (as if you can’t tell from the pictures…) Mommy Perks is a die-hard UK alumni and fan.  Interestingly enough…as my bracket stands, #1 seed Ohio State and #4 seed Kentucky will be meeting up in the Sweet Sixteen…

Looks like Henry will be rooting for the CATS this year…perhaps Daddy Perks should start working on turning Marshall into a buckeye fan to even out the playing field here in the Perks household 🙂

I’m SO thrilled we’ll be rooting on the CATS with some fellow UK fans in Kentucky later this week…let the upsets begin!!!


Eighteen Months.

8 Mar

Stop the world.

**Well-before we stop the world-make sure you scroll down and leave a comment/read the comments from my last post.  It turns out my Loyal PERKS followers are just as wacky as I suspected!  Keep the random perky facts coming!

So far y’all have confessed to loving cheesy icebreakers, having an incessant desire to keep the silverware perfectly aligned, being unfairly shoved into a lockers, and we’ve even got a child runaway.  To the backyard of course 🙂

AND! Apparently I’m not the only one who’s argued with my spouse over the correct way to load the dishwasher…perhaps I should dedicate a tutorial post to this cause? To help us all become better dishwasher-loading spouses?

**OK…back to regularly scheduled programming…

Guess who had their 18 month well check-up last week?!?

My baby.

Who is anything BUT a baby these days.

He’s so stinkin’ grown up I can barely handle it.


He’s still a total goofball.

I get these weekly emails about Henry’s development and the latest email’s subject line said…

“Your baby is 79 weeks old this week.”

79 weeks.

I might as well start filling out his Kindergarten registration forms.

I kid.

But I’m certainly NOT kidding when I say every day with my little Henry is an adventure.

He still loves looking at himself in the mirror.

And he passed his tests at the doctor’s office with flying colors.  As usual.

He’s made it eighteen WHOLE months without a single sick visit to the doctor.

Never one ear infection. No prescriptions. Nothing.

Dr. Matt said you must have “drinking straws” for ear tubes.


You’re still tall for your age…90th percentile…and you’ve moved up in the weight bracket…75th percentile-weighing in at a whopping 27.5 lbs.

You  double-checked your own ears after Dr. Matt left the room.

Better safe than sorry I guess.


Sweet Baby Boogie Boy…here are 18 perks about you to honor you hitting this age milestone…

  1. Your hair is kind of a hot mess.  It’s so thin and fine.  And as a result it looks like it needs to be cut every 3 days.  We’ve only had it cut twice.  Daddy Perks and I are riding this wave out, crossing our fingers that soon enough you’ll start to inherit our thick, wavy mops.
  2. Your favorite expression currently is “Oh, WOW!” You say it any time your impressed with something. And a lot of things impress you.
  3. When we ask you to say the words of any animals-you don’t say the word, but instead make the sounds.  Except for cat.  When we ask you to say cat-you say “Cat” because you can’t saw “Meow.”
  4. Your other favorite words right now are buh-bye, bubbles, balls, and balloon-or as you say: “boon!”
  5. Up until last month you had little to NO interest in TV. I thought maybe it was because up until last month we didn’t have cable.  And go figure-the one show you’ve started to show interest in: Sesame Street. Forget the fact that we’ve now got cable access to the entertaining programming likes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Oh no-you’d prefer to watch the big yellow bird on basic cable.
  6. You still eat everything we put in front of you.  You don’t even really put up a fight about veggies.  Although-given the choice, you prefer fruit and carbs over veggies and protein any day of the week.  That’s why you always get your veggies first.
  7. You still only drink milk and water.  You LOVE milk.  You chug your entire cup as soon as we put it in front of you and don’t breathe until it’s all gone.
  8. You are still obsessed with cell phones.  I have to laugh when I see you walking around the house holding a phone between your ear and shoulder-you’ve always got a look on your face like you own the place.  And really, you do.
  9. You are a very proud big brother.  You always want to know where Marshall is.  And you walk up to him and say “Awww” and “Hiiii” in a high voice.  Apparently you’ve caught on to the fact that adults talk to babies in a higher voice.  And as a result-so do you 🙂
  10. Whenever sports or ESPN are on TV-you immediately start yelling and clapping.  Hmmmm-wonder where you got that from?
  11. You still don’t know a stranger.  You’ll cozy up to anyone who will pay attention to you. All you do to win them over is hand them a book and nudge your little heiny into their lap waiting for them to start reading.
  12. Speaking of books-you choose reading books over playing with toys every.single.time.
  13. When I’m blow drying my hair, you like to “help” by running a brush through my hair as it’s flipped upside down.  It’s generally an extremely painful process for me because you get the brush stuck in my hair-but I still let you do it every single time.
  14. When we are going somewhere you always bring my shoes to me.  I promise I never trained you to do that.  However, it was really helpful when I was pregnant with your baby brother. You’re such a big helper.
  15. You are so generous and loving.  You always offer to share your food with Daddy and I.  You obviously know the way to our hearts 🙂
  16. You love going on walks.  You quite literally have an extra spring in your step when we walk outside on sunny days.  And you love to walk just a little bit ahead, and then you look back and smile at me.  I melt every time.
  17. You’ve taken to throwing all your blankets and woobies out of your crib in the morning.  And when Daddy and I come into your room in the morning you always giggle and have a sheepish grin on your face.
  18. You’ve officially entered the stage of toddler destruction: you pull books off shelves, tear blinds down off windows, root through the pantry, and say the word “No” all.the.time.

Daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of the little man you are turning into.  Everyday you do or say something new and it’s making this stage in your life both exciting and scary at the same time.  Exciting in the sense that you’re saying new words, and trying new things all the time, and scary in the sense that you’re finding new and innovative ways to make our leather couch your personal jungle gym.

Thanks for keeping us on toes.