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Wordless Wednesday.

24 Aug


Brother PERKS.

25 Jul

This incredible relationship is forming.

Henry loves Marsh SO SO much.

And I can hardly put into words how cool it is to watch.

He kisses him WAY more than he hits him.

They totally “chill” together.

Do you think they look alike? (Insert sarcasm here.)

And the fear I felt last summer when I found out I was pregnant…

The doubt I had that life with two would be too hard.

Well, to say the least-it’s gone.

Just your basic brotherly crib get-together.

(It’s the baby equivalent to meeting up at Starbucks.)

Because all those mushy gushy your-heart-will-just-double-in-size sayings about having two children…

They’re abso-freakin’-lutely true.

Marsh may or may not be teething. Please disregard the massive drool stain on his onesie.

Do not, however, disregard his double chin.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago-and that delicious double chin is fading away as he becomes less baby and more boy.

Have I mentioned it goes too fast?

Because it does.

And I’m doing my best to savor the little moments.

The moments that aren’t the swim lessons.

Or the library outings.

Or the playgroups.

Because while those are great, and they validate society’s expectations that I’m a “good mom.”

I highly doubt those are the moments I’ll forget with age.

I’m more talking about the not-so-calculated moments

The morning cuddles.

The tickles under the chin that make them desperately retract, only to come back begging for more a second later.

The messes and spills. Our poor, poor carpet. Remind me again, why I went with beige instead of black?

The laundry. Because you never knew khaki shorts could be so-darn-cute until you go to fold them and they’re almost too tiny to fold in half.

The random, sweaty, Target outings. Because the 10 minute effort just to load them in the shopping cart and get them through the door…it’s totally worth the workout when you score some sweet Toy Story crayons in the dollar spot.

I could go on and on.

But the point is…

I know these two little boys won’t always think I’m cool. As time rolls by, I’m sure their smiles at me will be replaced by way more often by the following expressions-

We call this look Henry’s “mean-mug.”

But one thing is certain.

They’ll always be brothers.

Judging by their looks-they may have a future in disguising themselves as twins.

And to say that I love them would be the understatement of the century.

My two favorite things about this photo: Marshy’s tongue and Henry’s chubby little fingers.

They’re not just brothers.

They’re best buds.

Now here’s to savoring the last few months before they start to beat the crap out of each other.

Happy Monday Loyal PERKS followers.

Let’s rock out this week out together.

I plan to enjoy every bit of my boys and the sunshine while trying not to complain about the heat.

Leave a comment telling me how you plan to beat the heat!

The Rain Can’t Keep The Boys Down.

5 May

So I blame my lack of blogging on the rain.  It’s been the worst.

A dreadful winter followed by a less than pleasurable spring has me hoping for a splendid summer.

I’m talking sunshine, tan lines, trips to the zoo…you get the picture.

But meanwhile-I know two little boys who can’t be brought down by mother nature.

Here are a few pics I took the other day when I was cuddled in bed with the boys.

We were hiding from the rain…

Marsh-where’s your other sock?

Double the chins. Double the cuteness.

Henry losing interest…Marsh still happy to pose for the picture.

Baby blue-eyed boys.

I spend most of my days saying…”Gentle touches Henry!”

And then Henry gives Marshall kisses to remind me how gentle he can be…

And guess who LOVES kisses from his big brother…

Happy Cinco De Mayo Loyal PERKS Followers.

Happy Thursday.

14 Apr

We haven’t exactly had time to stop and smell the roses around the Perks house lately.  It’s been a busy Spring so far-and Summer is showing no signs of slowing down.

But don’t worry, I’ve got lots to share…coming soon-the last installment of our Kentucky road trip, Marshall’s 2 month update, and a whole ‘lotta fun pictures.

Until then-these goofy knuckleheads would like to wish you a very lovely Thursday…

Oh Brother.

8 Apr

How long do you think it will take for Marshall to get big enough (and smart enough) to stop letting his brother put his mommy’s pink high heels on him?

Up to no good.


If the shoe fits…

I hear pink pumps are in this season?

The good news is…I don’t think Henry did any permanent damage to Marsh’s ego…

Later that day while Henry was napping, his little brother hung out with me while I got ready…

Who’s laughing now?

Pink pumps or not…he’s one handsome little fella.

Happy Friday Loyal Perks Followers!



Who’s Who…1 Month!

15 Mar

So I’ve had lots of requests to do a comparison of Henry and Marshall at their one month photoshoots…

Now-I will say-out of the womb my boys looked I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L.

Seriously y’all…we took one look at Marshall when he was first born and immediately thought…”Oh my goodness! He is a clone of his brother.”

And since the day he was born, I go back and forth.  There are moments when I look at Marshall and I feel like I’m looking at Henry.  And other moments when I don’t think they look alike at all.

What do you guys think?

Henry…1 Month Old.

Marshall…1 Month Old.

Oh my. I guess one thing is for sure.  There’s no denying these brothers have VERY similar chins AND rolls in their legs 🙂

For a more detailed comparison…here’s Marshall’s one month post…and Henry’s one month post.

Moving on…it has been QUITE the treat reading all your comments about your quirky perks.  Just to update y’all…apparently I’m NOT the only person alive who hasn’t had a rice krispie treat!  AND another loyal PERKS follower confirmed via twitter to me that she too, folds her cheese!

I’m thinking we’ll need to do another post like this soon…just so y’all can keep airing out your dirty laundry.

Am I saying y’all a lot in this post???  Must be my inner southern-belle emerging IN HONOR of the fact that me and the boys are heading south later this week!  That’s right folks…Henry, Marsh, and I will be heading to Kentucky later this week to visit some of my most favorite people in the WHOLE world.  Rach, Tiff, Abby-are you girls ready for a PERK-filled couple of days?!?  And Cait-I’m thinking you need to start a blog so I can link up to you!

Watch out Wildcat Country…the PERKS are invading a southern town near you.  Here’s a sneak peak of how we are prepping for our trip…

Are Y’ALL ready for March Madness?!?


Brotherly Love.

3 Mar

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time they plot against me…

Hmmm. Not sure they’re liking each other’s ideas…

And whether or not they agree to disagree this time…

I think I’m witnessing the beginning of a beautiful friendship.