2 Months Already?

21 Apr

Marshall turned two months old a few weeks ago.  Which means he’s really much closer to three months old at this point.

And 17 months later…I’m still too busy to post anything on time.

Moving on.  My little Marshy-Moo is moo-ving on up the age, height, and weight ladder.

And I’m apparently still using really bad puns in my writing to entertain myself.

Quick Stats:

Height: 25 1/2 inches…100th Percentile. Still freakishly tall for your age!

Weight: 13 lbs. 1 oz…80th Percentile.

Head: 15 3/4 inches…55th Percentile.

Nicknames: Marsh, Marshy, Marshy-Moo, Mr. Moo, Stinky Pinkerton, Mash, & Moogy.

*Eating: You still eat.  About every three hours. Which is a good thing. It means you’re growing-and continuing to suck calories out of my body. And god knows you’ll need to continue to suck a whole ‘lotta calories out of me if I’m ever going to return to my pre-babies body.  If I’m being honest-I wish I could request that you take the calories right from my love handles. Or my thighs. Or my stomach. Or arms.  Really anywhere besides my boobs.  But that would be weird. I suppose it’s called breastfeeding for a reason. I mean after all, it’d be strange if we women had nipples on other parts of their body. I digress.

You are a ladies man.

*Sleeping: You rock. Your night sleep stretch has continued to get longer and longer.  Right now you are consistently sleeping between 7-9 hours at night. We put you down between 10 and 11 pm and we don’t hear a peep from you till at least 5 or 6 am. When you wake up, I nurse you, and then you go right back to bed.  And typically  you, your sleepyhead brother, and I are still snuggled in each of our respective beds when Daddy leaves for work. You put yourself to sleep. You wake up happy. And as a result, you have happy, rested, well-adjusted parents who are getting a good nights’ sleep.  Thank.you.lord.

Your hair naturally forms into a faux-hawk.

You’re a fashionista already.

*You are the happiest.baby.in.the.world.  You smile and coo all day long. Just the other day Daddy Perks said to me: “Babe-I think it’s been days since I’ve heard Marshall cry.” And it’s true.  You really can and do go days without crying.  Really-the only time you do cry is when your loving-but-not-always-gentle big brother does something to upset you. This could be anything from shoving your pacifier in your eyeball, to throwing objects at your head, to trying to “burp” you- which for a toddler, closely resembles a “hit.”  Just know that Henry loves you so much.  And he doesn’t ever mean to hurt you.  He’s just in a rough-n-tumble phase these days, and soon enough you’ll be able to “burp” him right back!

Squeaky clean baby boys.

Brothers and BEST buddies already.

I know it’s crazy to say.  But I really can already see an incredible bond forming between you two.  Nobody makes you smile bigger, or laugh harder than Henry.  It truly warms my heart when I think about how your closeness in age will allow the two of you to experience so many wonderful firsts together.  I really believe that you will be (and already are) the best of friends. I mean-come on-with a face like yours…who wouldn’t want to be your BFF?

Happy 2 Months Marsh!

Check back tomorrow to see the side-by-side comparison of Henry and Marshall in their 2 month shots!


3 Responses to “2 Months Already?”

  1. Catav April 21, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    love love love those boys and you of course mama 🙂

  2. Kristin Brown April 21, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    Oh my gosh, I love this post!! He is the happiest baby ever!! I have witnessed it but he just is so smiley in these pictures!! And how adorable are the two of them together! You have the cutest little boys ever! And if ours is a girl..I will be warning her of those baby blue eyes and the Perkins charm!! 😉

  3. Abby April 21, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Happy 2 months, Marsh!

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