Oh, Wow!

21 Mar

Remember how I told you Henry’s favorite expression as of late is “Oh Wow!” ?

Case in point…

The kid loves bubbles.

Pure joy.

I share these with you because the joy Henry is feeling in these pictures is the way I felt the E.N.T.I.R.E. time I was visiting  friends in Kentucky this past weekend.  To quote a good IRL (in-real-life for you non-bloggers out there) friend…I’m 12 kinds of excited to share about my trip and all the incredible ladies I spent my time with. I’ve got about a zillion pictures to share-and once I sort through them all…Y’all will be the first to hear about our perky trip!

And speaking of perky…another little man in my life has been all smiles (and double chins) lately…

A handsome little lad-even rockin’ the good ol’ baby acne.

With eyes like that…who would even notice his receding hairline?

Just. plain. dreamy.

The end.

Happy Monday Loyal PERKS followers…

**Perk of the day…SPRING is officially here. Hallelujah. Lord knows this mama-of-two could use some serious sunshine and vitamin D before she puts on a bathing suit this summer.**


2 Responses to “Oh, Wow!”

  1. Jaime Burke March 21, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

    I love the new banner at the top of the page and I love you!

  2. Katie March 22, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    It was so great hanging out with you and your sweet boys!

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