A Weekend FULL of the Simple Perks…

1 Feb

This past weekend was just lovely.

The kind of weekend where we didn’t have much on the books…we resided in PJ’s for longer than was necessary…and consumed an entire tube of Pillsbury Homemade Cinnamon Rolls in one sitting.

And I’m not even ashamed to admit that Henry didn’t have any part in the cinnamon roll consumption. Nope-that was all mine and Daddy Perks’ doing.  We’ll call it our “toast” to the Sunday morning good life.  A so-called carbohydrate cheers to the impending birth of our second baby boy if you will.

It was exactly the type of weekend we all needed.  A reminder of just how incredibly wonderful these past 17 months have been.  We’ve grown quite cozy as a family of three.  And I found myself smiling a whole lot as I reflected on just how lucky I am that my boys are my boys.

Anyways-before I get all sappy (**Warning** that post is coming…) I’ll give ya the quick rundown of all the simple perks that made the last few days so delicious…(and I’m not just referring to the cinnamon rolls.)

Daddy Perks & I were able to have to movie date-nights-in on Friday and Saturday.  We knocked out two more Oscar contender movies watching The Social Network & The Town.  Both movies were fantastic and certainly worth seeing.  While we’re talking Oscar Buzz…let me also pat my hubby and myself on the back for somehow sneaking out to see several of the Oscar favorite movies over the past couple months.  I’m not sure how-but we’ve managed to see most of the front runner movies.  If you’re a parent-you know that trips to the movies sans child are no small feat, so we’re celebrating this accomplishment.

On Saturday morning we took Henry to COSI which is essentially a giant science playground/museum for children and adults alike.  He was in heaven. And so were we.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

He was too busy scoping out all the exhibits to smile with his Mama…

Ok I sorta lied.  Henry was in heaven-for most of the time.  Except when we tried to get him to pose with R2D2…

Apparently he has the same sentiment about robots as he did Santa…

Luckily he bounced back quickly due to a pretty sweet lizard exhibit…

We then headed to the Ocean area…which basically consisted of a whole ‘lotta (you guessed it) water…

One of them was enjoying the random squirting water a bit more than the other…

Balls floating in reachable water=a happy little boy.

We must have been looking at something really cool

He’s cool because he can go down the slide by himself AND rock some sweet plaid shoes…

Lots of mirrors for toddlers to check themselves out in…

After a delightful time at COSI, we took Henry to lunch and then headed home for naps and a nice relaxing evening at home.

Sunday evening we celebrated my Dad’s birthday and despite the fact that it took over an hour JUST to get our appetizers (thank you huge annoying table of “book club women”) and another hour to get our meals, Henry was a champ!  He sat and conversed with all the adults and behaved well beyond what should be asked of any normal 17 month-old.  And we rewarded him handsomely with a delicious banana bread pudding dessert for hanging in there 🙂

Nana & Grandad Shubs…

Henry & Nana…

Aunt Corey & Mama Perks

Are we really about to be parents to TWO BOYS?

And the well-earned dessert that kept my little man MORE than occupied…

Like I said…it was just the kind of weekend we needed before we add another very important little perk to our clan.

Speaking of that little perk…Mr. Marshall is enjoying one last cozy day in mommy’s uterus.  Little does he know-the blizzard/ice storm of 2011 is waiting for him with open arms once he makes his entrance into the world.  Shhhhh-don’t tell him how much cozier he’d be to just stay put.  His Mama is D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.E to get this show on the road and the weather gods should steer clear of messing with our plans.  They should know better than to cross a crazy 39 1/2 week pregnant mama.

Happy Tuesday/Groundhog Day Eve/We’re (HOPEFULLY) Having A Baby Tomorrow!!!


Mama Perks

One Response to “A Weekend FULL of the Simple Perks…”

  1. Brittany February 1, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    SO cute! Looks like y’all had a blast….and now I want to go to COSI! 🙂

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