My Baby Can Read!

18 Jan

No-I was NOT suckered into the horribly disturbing phenomenon known as “Your Baby Can Read!”

Forgive me for any of you out there who have invested in the latest infomercial craze…but with a background in Early Childhood Education-I couldn’t be less convinced that some $99 kit can turn your 18 month-old into a “reader.”  Besides-I find it creepy that you’d want your toddler reading anyways.

In an effort to not fall amidst the “my kid is better/smarter/faster than yours” rat race that’s currently plaguing our parental society-I’ll just get to the point…

They grow up so fast.

One day they are reading Dr. Suess…and before you know it, their interests have switched from green eggs and ham to political banter…

Henry reading Jon Stewart’s Earth.

Seriously people…Henry has been obsessed with this book for the past two days.  Every time he stumbles upon it, he picks it up, carries it into his room, and waits for me to put him in his chair so he can skim the pages.  Not sure if it’s the monkey on the front of the cover, or all the shiny pictures inside-but something about this book has struck a chord with my child.

Here’s proof that he’s got a stack of more kid-friendly reads at his fingertips!

(I promise this picture was NOT staged!)

I just hope he doesn’t start demanding “Earth” to be his newest bedtime read…quite frankly-I’m partial to “What’s Wrong, Little Pookie?”

Happy Tuesday loyal  PERKS followers…here’s to hoping you get a spare minute sometime today to curl up with your favorite read…whatever that may be!


One Response to “My Baby Can Read!”

  1. Tucker's Mama January 19, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I’m cracking up! That is so funny! What can I say, you’ve got a natural brainiac (I googled that word just so I would spell it correctly, now I’m not so sure it even means what I intended lol!) on your hands!
    ps. I’m SO with you on the “your baby can read”!

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