Winter Wonder.

12 Jan

Luckily, mother nature has afforded us two opportunities lately to let Henry experience a couple winter “firsts” or perks as we like to call them around these parts.

A few weeks ago we took him to see the Zoo Lights.  It was doubly enjoyable because Henry is fascinated by lights of any kind, AND it happened to be unseasonably warm that night.

So unlike a typical winter visit to the zoo where you inevitably look at your spouse at some point and wonder-“What the hell were we thinking?”…everyone wasn’t hovering around the amphibian exhibit inside just to be able to feel their toes.  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment trip when we decided to go on a random Thursday-and due to the fact that it was almost fifty degrees-apparently we weren’t the only ones with the bright idea.  Here are a few shots from the night!

Henry channeling his inner Clark Griswold in this hat.

While the lights throughout the zoo really were quite impressive…

We were way more entertained by taking pictures of each other in front of the lights…

And quite frankly-my boys made those lights look good.

Posing in front of the Peacock!

(Apparently even light-up peacocks can be missing a feather.)

We also had the chance to watch a pretty sweet light show.  Think lots of blinking lights-all set to timers-with a killer Christmas tunes soundtrack.  Henry was dancing and bouncing in his stroller the whole time-and when the novelty of the lights died down for those of us not riding in strollers, we noticed that several other zoo-goers were way more entertained by our son’s sweet moves than the actual lights.  Henry kept peering up at us with a look on his face like…

“You guys did all this for me?”

I hope he never loses his sweet button nose.

And then yesterday-mother nature decided it was time to go back to her winter roots, and she graced us with the ultimate snow day.  Daddy Perks stayed home from work-and we decided it was high time we bundle Henry up in his snow gear so that we could provide him with his very first “I can’t put arms down” experience.

Thank goodness this movie plays for 24 hours straight on TBS every year.

It was pretty entertaining to see him all bundled up…and he had this “You mean you’re actually gonna let me play in this stuff?” look on his face the entire time…

Luckily-he was able to put his arms down.

And as he stumbled around in the snow which seemed to be up his knees (even though it was really only a few inches…)

The only time he didn’t enjoy it was when he would fall down, and not be able help himself back up.

So, we’d laugh at the unfortunate sight.  And then eventually hoist him back up to continue exploring…

True love.

(I say this mostly because-if you know my husband AT ALL, then you know his complete and utter disdain for cold weather and any snow related activities.  To say he was “taking one for the team” when we went out to play in the snow would be quite an understatement.  Luckily-he’s a sucker for “firsts” and nostalgic experiences-espcecially when it comes to Henry.

Well that-and…how was I supposed to hold our camera and video tape at that same time?

OH my goodness we had fun.

No seriously-we aren’t even faking how much fun we were having.

And when his little piggie fingers and toes were relatively covered in snowy goodness…

We figured-let’s end on a high note…

So that’s what we did.

Once we got back inside I did the ceremonial “toss all the hats, gloves and boots” into the dryer-which for some reason made me feel like a real mom.

And lord knows-if drying off a few snowy articles of clothing doesn’t validate my membership in the mommy club-I’m thinking a few weeks from now when I’ve got a baby in my arms, and my sweet toddler digging through the trash because I can’t possibly breastfeed a newborn AND monitor a 17 month-old’s every move…well that my friends, earns you automatic gold member status in the Mom Club.

2 Responses to “Winter Wonder.”

  1. abs January 12, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    that seriously looks like a good time!!! wish I could have joined you all!

  2. Tucker's Mama January 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    SO much fun!!! Love the pics! BEAUTIFUL family!
    ps. way to go Daddy Perks for braving the cold (I HATE the cold too!)!

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