Parenting Perks.

6 Dec

And if you are doing it right, being a parent has to be the most heart-wrenching, soul-stripping, self-sacrificing pursuit. Every childhood neurosis that sticks with you as an adult is amplified when you have kids. You’ll actually still find yourself being afraid of getting picked last for team sports because it’s your kid who is in danger of getting picked last and somehow that is a societal reflection on the both of you.

Ohhhh-the joys of parenting.

It’s a task nobody is really ever “ready” for.  I say this because you have no way of knowing what your baby is going to be like when they finally enter into the world.  You can read allllllllllll the books in the world to prepare yourself for how to handle a human-but the bottom line is-that baby is going knock you square on your ass the first time they don’t reach a developmental milestone “when they’re supposed to.”

And lately I’ve been thinking…parenting is really ALL. ABOUT. PERSPECTIVE.

Let me try to explain.

Last night I had the privilege of getting together with some girlfriends.  And as many December conversations often do-we eventually stumbled upon the subject of our holiday shopping lists and “what we were getting the kids for Christmas.”

And while I haven’t felt particularly stressed about putting the perfect gifts under the tree for my 15 month-old…(after all, his latest obsession consists of using paper towel rolls for baseball bats)…I do pride myself on being a good-gift-giver and always hope that my gifts contain both a healthy dose of sentimentality and fun-even for my toddler.

Anyways-one of my dear girlfriends, who is a wonderful mother to 7 year-old triplets commiserated about her children’s somewhat “high maintenance” Christmas wish lists.  She laughed about how she was currently on the hunt for the following items…

A peppermint bear, an Indian costume, and…a ventriloquist dummy.

I chuckle even as I type that.

You’re probably all wondering what a peppermint bear is?  **Newsflash.**  So is this mother.  And when she asked her seven year-old daughter about this certain item on her list to Santa, the following conversation ensued…

“Honey-I see you have a peppermint bear on your list to Santa?”

“Yeah Mom! A peppermint bear!”

“Oh-have you seen this bear in a store, or in a magazine?”


“Well, is it something that Santa might find at Build-A-Bear?”

“No Mom. Don’t worry…Santa knows exactly what type of peppermint bear I’m talking about.  He’ll take care of it.”

Good thing Santa knows everything, right?

So my girlfriend continued to recount how she’d been frantically searching for this non-existent “peppermint bear” all over town, in addition to an Indian costume (months after Halloween stores have closed) and a ventriloquist.  A ventriloquist that as far as she can see…is going to end up costing her upwards of $70…thank you very much E-bay.

The whole time she talked-all I could think about is how parenting-when stripped down to the core-is just a series of seasons.

Seasons which come and go much quicker than we’d often like to admit.

And currently-I’m in the “challenging” season of parenting where people still ask me:

“How’s he sleeping/eating/talking?”

“Have you hit the terrible two’s yet?”

“Are you nervous about trying to juggle a 17 month-old and a newborn?”

But in the blink of an eye…I’ll be knee-deep in the “Don’t worry mom, Santa will know” season.

And after listening to my girlfriend’s trials and tribulations-I have a feeling that season will bring a whole new host of challenges.

Here’s to hoping we can all stop and enjoy whatever season of life we are currently in.  Whether it be the icy roads of toddler discipline…or the blisteringly cold hunt for all the perfect gifts on one’s shopping list…there are perks to be found in every season of life.

What perks are you currently enjoying this season?


2 Responses to “Parenting Perks.”

  1. Kristin Brown December 6, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Love it! The perk of trying to stay calm in prepparing for the holidays! But especially the Perk of anticipating our first born and starting to think of nursery themes/colors and dreaming of our little miracle!

  2. Tucker's Mama December 9, 2010 at 1:03 am #

    Great post! I guess I would say I’m in the “how long will it take me to break all the bad habits I’ve already allowed my child to develop” season lol!

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