A Moo-Rific Halloween.

6 Nov

See…here’s the thing…when you have a cow as cute as this one…

You can totally get away with using words like “Moo-Rific.”

Moooooooo-ving on. (Oh yes-expect the bad cow puns all throughout this post.)

Halloween 2010 was a raging success in the Perks household.

Henry the-cutest-freakin-cow-ever proved that he was able to at least match his cuteness factor as the monkey a year ago…

In fact-looking back at this picture has made me realize that while his monkey costume was deliciously cuddly and cute-between the face he’s making in this picture, and the not-quite-flat tummy on his mama-I’d say that a year’s worth of breastfeeding did both our bodies good.

Although ironically-as evidenced by my previous belly bump post, this past year has done anything but flatten out my tummy. At least there’s another perky cow cookin’ in there as we speak 🙂

SO…on to the details of our lovely Halloween evening…

Yes-we were totally the parents that took our 1 year-old trick-or-treating for the experience. And I have to say…in addition to scoring some delicious treats…Henry really did seem to enjoy ALL FOUR houses that we went to 🙂

This cow had all the necessary trick-or-treat accessories.

Pumpkin Pail for candy collecting…check.

Super cool light-up pumpkin wand to help guide us through the night…check.

And he was off! Down the driveway he went…

This cow was on  a mission for Milk Duds…

And lucky for me…his escort was pretty good lookin’ himself 🙂

And to think…those cheeks are ALL MINE to kiss.

Daddy Perks & I tag-teamed getting our little cow from house to house…

Using several modes of transportation SANS stroller…

It seems weird to call this a “piggy-back” ride. Doesn’t it?

Cowwy-Back Ride? Nahhh-doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Whatever you call it-this lazy cow was enjoying a break from all the hard work collecting candy.

And make no mistake.

Henry was quite particular about his candy collecting when we approached each house…

I practically had to hold him back to prevent a candy stampede…

Remember Henry…Reeses for Daddy…and Kit Kat’s for Mommy.

A quick pose with the skeleton.

And finally…the boy needed a snack after all his hard work…

The fruits (or bread and cheese) of his labor.

Hope each of you had as much fun celebrating the perks of this wacky holiday with your loved ones.

Saddle up y’all…the holiday whirlwind has begun…

…Halloween…Thanksgiving…Christmas…New Year’s…

…and then for the Perks Family…


Let the festivities begin.

The Perks…Halloween 2010





2 Responses to “A Moo-Rific Halloween.”

  1. Tiff November 6, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    I can honestly say that is the cutest cow I have ever seen! 🙂

  2. Abby November 11, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    Mooooooove over, Bessy….Henry is the cutest cow ever!

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