Eleven Months Young.

24 Aug

I refused to title this “Eleven Months Old.” Mostly because I refuse to admit that in just a few days I will have a one year-OLD.

I’m hanging out in the land o’ denial. Any other moms care to join me? You don’t have to have an almost-toddler. You could be in denial about your baby turning 1, or 10, or 30 years-old for that matter.

How come nobody warned me? Ok, I lie. You did warn me. All through my pregnancy you warned me. You’d gaze longingly at my ever-growing belly with warm eyes and say things like…

“Cherish every moment, they grow up too fast.”

“Enjoy every day, because one day your baby will be having babies.”

“You won’t believe how fast time moves once you have a baby.”

But did I listen to your sage wisdom? Well sort of.

I mean while you’re pregnant you’re consumed with other things. You worry about keeping your baby safe. You worry about feeling the baby move. You worry about decorating a nursery. And if you’re me…you worry about deciding how many McDonald’s quarter pounders are TOO many McDonald’s quarter pounders to consume while pregnant.

And then all of a sudden…you have seven pounds of absolute miracle placed in your arms…

And then you spend your time worrying about if they pee and poop enough, how often and long they sleep, are they gaining enough weight, are they eating enough, if they cry-what does it mean?

And then you spend your time being consumed by their milestones achieved…sitting, crawling, cruising, speaking, walking…

And then suddenly-they’ve hit all those milestones. They know how to sit, and stand, AND walk. They can eat and play by themselves. They can EVEN say your name. And you start to wonder…”where the HECK has the past year gone?”

I’ve been wondering about that a LOT lately.

But for now, I’ll fill you in on what my VERY YOUNG 11 month-old has been up to…

He’s STILL one happy little boy.

But he has his serious moments too. And yes-he’s still got those killer eyelashes.

But don’t expect this little one to stay put for long these days…

He. Is. On. The. Move.

Best to just stay out of his way.

But if you are lucky enough to catch him…

He may share a nice moment with you.

Or even a kiss. Careful though…they’re usually open-mouth kisses…

Goofy mom…

And we wonder where he gets these faces from…

Alright Boogie (pronounced “Boo-gee”)…yes-another nickname you’ve acquired here in the Perks household…

Here’s what you’re up to at 11 months-young…

*You have an opinion. About lots of things. And wow, you do things with serious conviction. If we hand you something and you don’t want it, you swat it away or throw it down with force. And you make this grunting noise while you do it. We think it’s kinda funny, but if we laugh, that only makes you more mad.

*While we continue to celebrate your baby sign language…we fear that you now associate the “more” sign with only food. Like whenever you’re hungry (which is pretty much all the time) you just sign “more,” failing to acknowledge the fact that this sign can be used to signal other things besides “more food.” Hmmmm, we’ll keep working on this one.

*For some reason, our master bathroom is your favorite room in the house. Whenever we come into our bedroom, you immediately make a mad dash to see if I’ve left the bathroom door open. And if you see an opening, you bust a move. For some reason you are particularly obsessed with Mommy’s brush (I think you use it more than I do,) Daddy’s electric razor, and the mouthwash. It’s really funny to me that you now know what the proper uses for hair brushes and toothbrushes are. If I hand you one, you immediately start simulating the action of brushing your hair or teeth. I hope you’ll continue to be this enthusiastic about personal hygiene in the coming years.

*You have officially clung on to two woobies (lovies, blankies, softies…) One was given to you by a teacher friend of mine-it’s blue, has a lamb head attached to it, and has your name stitched into it.  The other one is green, with a monkey head attached to it, and has silk edges. It was a gift from your surrogate Uncle Ben and Aunt Elizabeth. You LOVE to snuggle with both of these, and often times when I come into your room in the morning, you have one in each hand. We’re not sure if you’re attachment to these will continue, but we won’t worry about it too much-unless of course you still have them when you leave for college…

*We have this routine when you get up in the morning, and after you take a nap-and you start smiling before it’s even begun. When I get you out of your crib you immediately want to go over to your window and pull up the blinds. And once I do, you wave to the outside and we say “Hello World!”  For some reason, it’s as if you can’t wait to greet the world each time you wake up. It sounds cheesy, but I’m hopeful that you’ll always have this enthusiastic outlook on life.

*You’re so predictable when you’re tired. You start to hum and lay your head down on whoever is closest. You also start to grab onto soft fabrics and rub them against your head and face. Lots of times it will be the sleeve of our shirts that you grab onto, and when you do this-we know you’re ready for nap or bedtime.

*Your favorite book lately has been “Pat the Bunny.” Mimi gave you this book and you. love. it. You love feeling the bunny’s soft fur. And you LOVE playing peek-a-boo with Paul. You laugh every time we get to that page.

*As you become more verbal, we’ve started to be more conversational with you. We like to ask you lots of questions, and most of the time you answer with an enthusiastic “Yeah!!” Most the time, I don’t even think you care what we are asking, I think you just enjoy the fact that you’ve figured out that “yeah” is a good answer for questions.

*You are a walking machine these days. You’ll walk everywhere-but sometimes you still look a little wobbly. You haven’t completely replaced crawling with walking quite yet, but I definitely think you’re starting to walk MORE and crawl less.

*Your hair is dangerously nearing “mullet” status and we are wavering on whether or not to cut it before your 1st birthday.  I’ve always said I won’t be extra sentimental about the first hair-cut, that when it needs to be done, we’ll do it…so we’ll see if it happens before your party this Sunday…

*Speaking of your 1st Birthday Party…boy-you are loved. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time and effort that so many people are taking to celebrate you. This party will certainly be a labor of love as Mimi, Nana, your aunts and uncles, and Daddy and I prepare to throw you a big bash. My hope is that you spend the day surrounded by our closest friends and family who have loved and supported us through our first year of parenthood, and your first year of life.  Come to think of it, without each of them…we wouldn’t have made it.

Love you always,



4 Responses to “Eleven Months Young.”

  1. Jillian August 24, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    He is so cute!!! I know it is hard to see them grow up! Wish we could freeze time sometimes!

  2. abs August 24, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    love the pics!! and the section on personal hygiene 🙂

    seriously…. where does the time go??

  3. Rach August 25, 2010 at 12:14 am #

    I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to squeeze in 10 and 11 month posts, but YOU DID IT! I am with you on the whole denial that my child has a birthday coming up:). Henry is such a doll baby – those eyes alone will get ya! Love you, Shubie Doo.

  4. Tiff August 29, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    I definitely don’t see a baby anymore in that face! He’s definitely hit toddler status! I hope his birthday party was a success today! I can’t wait to see the pics!

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