10 Months Old.

17 Aug

So Henry and the monkey are having a little trouble sharing the spotlight these days…

(Or is Henry just getting that much bigger? Probably both.)

Now this is what you call a “toothy grin.”

Dazed and confused…and WAY bigger than the monkey.

Have I mentioned that I have a daily love affair with those cheeks?

They. Are. Scrumptious.

Oh-and have we mentioned our recent discovery of just how ticklish our (not so) little one is…

At one point in time earlier in his life, I think I promised I’d always play the part of tickle police and save him from the torture…

But sometimes I simply CAN’T resist the result of the tickles…the giggles, the smiles…

But when he starts laughing SO hard that the drool starts seeping out the side of this mouth…

I put my own selfish needs aside and made Daddy Perks stop.

Because-I would never, ever torture my baby boy just to see that sweet face.

On more than one occasion Daddy Perks and I have discussed the idea of filling this wagon with the finest fresh produce, taking Henry down to the local farmer’s market and making a little extra cash.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t buy a tasty apple from a salesman with THOSE thighs? I rest my case.

Ok Sweet Henry and Loyal PERKS readers…here is the 10 month update…a few (or 6) weeks late.

So yes-those of you who see Henry often will notice, some of these facts are dated. So before Daddy Perks or one of my sisters calls to tell me, “Lindsey-Henry’s been doing _____ for weeks” remember…the tricks were new THEN.

*This month you had your very first dance party. You, Daddy Perks and I cranked up the newest Usher CD and seriously rocked it out. You were wearing nothing but a diaper, and your only accessory was your pacifier. And baby boy-that’s all you needed to strut your stuff. You were bouncing and booty shaking all around the living room and you kept mimicking your dad’s sweet dance moves. I had one of those moments when I was watching the two of you dance together that at that very second-all was right in the world.

*New words: Hi, dog (which really sounds more like “daw,”) and ball. And when you aren’t saying actual words, you are quite content speaking your own little language. You NEVER stop talking. The gift of gab is a trait you were destined to inherit from both Daddy and I.

*You are really taking off with your baby sign language.  This has proved to be both helpful and challenging at times. You can now accurately sign “all done,” “more,” and every once in a blue moon you’ll sign “daddy.” While we feel quite proud that you’re learning to communicate with your hands, there are moments where we question whether or not it was a good idea to teach you how to say “more.” Example: you will have eaten your entire meal, and we’ll have gotten you out of your high chair, cleaned you off, and then you’ll spend the next 20 minutes yelling in our face and signing “more! more” like you didn’t just eat enough bananas and blueberries for a small army.

*Two of the latest adjectives I’d used to describe you lately: sneaky and ornery. You’ve definitely started to realize there are things you ARE and ARE NOT allowed to do around our house. For instance you ARE NOT allowed to crawl up the stairs by yourself.  Consequently, this has become one of your favorite past times.  (Go figure.) So, you get this cheeky grin on your face…make your way over to the bottom of the stairs, look back at us-and take off as fast as you possibly can up the stairs before we can grab you. You have the same look on your face when you suck on the end of cords, open cabinets with cleaning supplies in them, stick your hand in the toilet…

*You continue to do really well playing independently. You’ll sit with a pile of books and read all by yourself and your favorites are still the touch and feel books.

*Food…have YET to refuse something. I think people think I’m lying when I tell them this. You always, always finish your meals. While we are proud that we’ve not had to worry about wasting food with you (remember-most of your meals typically are followed by you signing “more! more!”) there was a “does this kid have a tapeworm?” period of time where Daddy Perks and I wondered if you had any type of pallet or ability to differentiate between foods you liked or disliked.  Our worries were put to rest when you promptly spit out a fistful of cat food that you managed to get your paws on at Nana’s. PHEW. But other than cat food, you’ll eat anything you can find. And you know where to look. You’ve figured out that occasionally you can score a crumb on the floor near your high chair, so we’ll often find you crawling around there, seeing what random pea or cheerio might be waiting for you to scoop up.

*Speaking of cats (and dogs)…you. are. obsessed. I‘m so glad that you aren’t afraid of these furry little creatures, as many babies tend to shy away from animals. Oh no-not you. In fact you can’t get enough of the cats when you visit Nana’s. You chase them around and terrorize them-laughing the whole time. And when we are at friends’ houses who have dogs, you LOVE to get right up close to them, pet them, lick them and hug them.

*As you can see from the pictures-you’ve got teeth coming in like crazy now. You’re up to six! Three on the top, and three on the bottom.

*This month we closed a huge chapter in your short little life. While you’d been solely breastfed for the first 10 months of your life-when I found out I was pregnant with your little brother/sister, Dr. Melillo advised me to stop immediately. As he put it, “You really don’t want your uterus contracting, do you? Let’s let baby #2 rest comfortably in there.” I was so sad, as it had always been my goal to nurse you until you were one, but also glad that we had made it as long as we had. I’m quite certain the transition from breast milk to formula was more painful for me than you. You took to formula seamlessly, and after a LONG weekend of me being wrapped up in ace bandages (I’ll spare you the gory details) we began a new chapter of bottles and formula together. I must say it was quite NICE the first morning you woke up and I was able to nudge Daddy for the morning feeding duties-a luxury I haven’t had in the past 10 months! The good news is, in a couple weeks you’ll be able to drink cow’s milk, and we’ve barely spent any money on formula because of all the free samples we had!

*One thing that has really become apparent this month is how much you LOVE babies. I’m hoping this trait sticks around for at least the next 6 months so that you’ll gladly welcome your sibling into our family come February. When we are out in public you laugh and smile at other babies and children. It’s like you forget that there are other people in the world that are your size, and then when you seem them you just light up.

*Last but not least-you are now walking unassisted across the room. It’s been so amazing to watch you put your steps together.  You look a little inebriated when you do so, but you’re getting better every day.  You still aren’t convinced walking is the most efficient form of travel. You prefer to crawl if you’re in a hurry to get to someone or something.

Alright baby boy-I think that’s enough for now.

We continue to fall more in love with you each and every second, and simply can’t believe that in a couple weeks you’ll be turning one.



3 Responses to “10 Months Old.”

  1. Gina August 17, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    Those signs count as words, sister! Love how advanced his language is! He’s making his SLP bloggy aunt proud! 🙂

  2. Tiff August 17, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    Wow! Henry is such a big boy! Him and Tucker continue to have a lot of things in common (as I’m sure most babies do at 10 months lol!). Many of the thing you have listed are sitting in my ‘draft’ 10 month post (let’s hope I actually get this one published!). I’m loving that toothy grin! Seriously, how do you bring yourself to stop Daddy Perks from tickling him! I could eat that smile right up!
    As for the BF, don’t feel bad about that. In a very small way (“very small” b/c I am so not ready for #2 yet…) I’m jealous! The idea of sleeping in until I felt like getting out of bed….pure bliss! Henry definitely got all the goods he needed from your milk, that’s for sure! Just look at how healthy he is 😉 Another thing I’m SO jealous over is Henry’s ability (and desire) to eat anything! I can’t even imagine what that’s like….
    I’m looking forward to posts on that 2nd little perk! 🙂

    Oh, and please tell me where y’all found that wagon! C.U.T.E.!!!

  3. Abby August 17, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    He is darling! And I love his toothy grin!

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