Nine Months: 9 Photos and 9 Tricks.

19 Jul

Just plain old sweet.

You’re very inquisitive and curious these days.

You LOVE to read with Mommy and Daddy.

You always help us turn the pages.

This train is your favorite toy right now. You push the yellow button and balls spit out the top.

It’s also Daddy Perks favorite toy as of late.

You’re still SO chill and easy going.

Your infamous head tilt.

My son may OR may NOT be turning 11 months in a few weeks.  And yes-I’m just now getting around to posting his 9 month update.

In my defense…I tend to do his “monthly posts” at the end of the month so I can include all the highlights-so I’m really not all that late posting, right?

Call me a bad mom. Call me a bad blogger.  Just don’t call me late to dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant.

But life happens-and I still maintain that Life Is Full Of Perks is gonna make for one heck of a baby book for Hank someday. I mean we are living in the digital age right?

So without further ado…here’s Henry’s 9 month update:

Quick Stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 6 oz. (If you have an incredible memory of have kept super close tabs on LIFOP then you’ll notice that somehow Henry only managed to gain ONE POUND IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS.) I literally had the nurse re-weigh him at his check-up because a couple months ago I got on the scale with him and he was WELL over 20 lbs.  As our pediatritian put it…”Breastfed babies who are early crawlers tend to go from really chunky to really skinny” around this point in their lives. So between 6 and 9 months, Henry went from the 80th percentile in weight, all the way down to the 30th percentile!

Height: 75th percentile. Still long. (I apologize for this vague description, but for the life of me can’t find the paper with his actual height in inches.)

And now…your top NINE NEATEST tricks at NINE MONTHS…

9.  You have mastered the sippy cup. And boy do you look darn cute doing it.  For some reason drinking out of a cup seems like such a big boy behavior.  And you LOVE LOVE LOVE water. You chug it like it’s going out of style-and quite frankly-if BP doesn’t get their business under control-it actually might.

8. You have officially established your vocabulary word bank.  And you’ve got a whopping 3 words to show for it. You can say “Mama, Dada, and Hey!” It’s no surprise to me that whenever you are saying “Dada” you seem excited and energetic.  However, when you’re saying “Mama” you tend to be whining for more food, or yelling from your crib as if “Mama” means “It’s 7:20 am and I’m ready to play!” Now Daddy Perks is going to object and say that “Hey” isn’t a word you’ve actually said…but I’ve heard you “use” it on  multiple occasions and while you may not use it at socially appropriate times, it’s darn cute when you do say it!

7. Your love affair with anything and everything electronic continues.  You’d be more than content to spend your free time tinkering with cords, chargers, outlets, cell phones and other potentially hazardous items.  In fact-I’m quite certain a trip to the Sprint store is going to be in my near future because you insist on sucking on the end of my cell phone charger.  I may have to introduce lollipops into your diet sooner then I’d planned.

6. Daddy and I took our first REAL vacation without you this month.  We went to Chicago with Uncle Jason and Aunt Shanti and we were away from you for 4 whole days. You stayed with Nana for the first half of the trip, and Mimi for the second half of the trip.  We missed you SO much while we were gone, but every time we called home to check on you, we received a perfect report. You slept well. You ate well. And you played well. You made us very proud, and knowing how well you behaved helped us be able to really enjoy our time away from you.  But make no mistake…by day 4 of our trip, we were ITCHING to get home to hug, kiss, squeeze and love on you. Daddy Perks and I agreed that coming home from a vacation was all the sweeter because we knew you’d be waiting there with your million dollar smile=a smile which now includes 4 teeth!

5. While we were in Chicago, you learned a new trick.  Now whenever somebody asks you: “Henry, how big are you?” You respond by throwing one or both of your arms up in the air and we say…”Soooooooooooo big!” When you do this you always flash a sweet grin across your face.  I can’t tell if your feeling a sense of pride, OR if you’re thinking “Are they really asking me this again?” Probably a little of both.

4. This month you participated in a couple “Nana & Me” swim lessons.  Nana took it upon herself to enroll you into what is typically the “Mommy & Me” swim lessons at Brookside and as she put it, “you were the star of the class.” Not only were you the ONLY boy, amongst 7 other bikini-clad baby girls…but according to Nana-you were BY FAR the most advanced when it came to doing the Ring Around the Rosie in the pool.  I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to know that you LOVE the pool and the water. You are so content to float around in your baby raft or wade around with the pool in our arms.

3. It’s no surprise that you also LOVE bath time. You never move quicker then when you hear me turn that faucet on to fill up your bathtub. You stand at the edge of the tub squealing with excitement like a kid in a candy shop. You can wait to get in and splash around, and you get mad when I make you take your clothes off before you get in.  (I must have some nerve.)

2. Both Mommy and Daddy Perks celebrated their birthdays this month-and it was unanimous that you’ve been the best birthday present we’ve ever received. All it takes is a simple head tilt from you (one of you latest tricks) and you’ve got us right where you want us.  You know how to charm the crowds with your little coy little looks. We are in big  trouble.

1. You took your first unassisted steps this month. You aren’t full-fledged walking quite yet but you can stand by yourself  for long periods of times and you walk across the room all by yourself with your push toy. Seeing you walk is both amazing and scary at the same time.  We know that this is the beginning of the end of your baby days.  As soon as you realize that you can put those steps together, we are in BIG. TROUBLE.


4 Responses to “Nine Months: 9 Photos and 9 Tricks.”

  1. Gina July 19, 2010 at 10:16 am #

    He is so cute and sounds so much like my L at that age. L STILL loves Curious George, btw!

  2. Tiff July 19, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    No, you totally beat me if your post time is correct! I had mine written on the right day, but (as usual) was slow in getting my pics from my camara and just posted it today. 😦
    I can’t believe how similar Tucker and Henry are! I was really concerned when Tucker was in the 30%. But our pediatrician assured us the same thing. (SO why is it that you usually hear all about how chunky breastfed babies are?? Our ped said it’s the formula fed babies that end up chunky because formula has extra fat that they don’t need.) At least Henry loves food! I sure can’t say the same thing about Tucker!
    I’m totally diggin’ his head tilt! That is so funny! I’m so glad you got such a great picture of it! And I love #5 too! You should post a video of him doing that.
    I can definitely relate to #8 too. Tucker says “MomMom” but only when he’s fussing or unhappy about something. Of course “DaDa” comes out when he’s excited… Something about that is definitely not fair!
    I love all the pics of your little monkey! Henry is getting so big! Can’t wait for the 10 month post… Wow, can you believe it’s so clost to being a year?! (tear….)

  3. Abby July 20, 2010 at 1:18 am #

    Almost a year old?! What?! Where has the time gone?!

    He is such a darling child (love his eyes!) and I’m sad the summer is slipping away with little time left to go to the zoo 😦 If you’re ever in NKY, let me know and we’ll totally meet up!

    Also, love love love your orange skirt pictured below!

  4. mamahiggins July 21, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    this made me tear up…..embarassing? yes, but seeing your little man grow so quickly I can’t help but think of mine! You’re a lucky lady Mama Perks, he’s perfect 🙂

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