GNO Perks.

29 May

What is it about a GNO (girl’s night out) that can do a female’s soul so much good?  It doesn’t matter what female category you fall into.

Married.  Single. Pregnant. Mother.

We ALL need them.

And sometimes we don’t realize know JUST how much we need them.

That is of course, until you’re sitting around a table with eleven other ladies, all but one of which were complete strangers to you up until you sat down at the table an hour ago.  And yet-somehow, you find yourself laughing with these girls, reminiscing about your glory days of college or the intimate details of your pregnancy like you’d been friends for decades.

Such was the case for me last night.  A girlfriend-from-way-back-when of mine had come into town for an annual get together with all of her college girlfriends and was sweet enough to think to include me in her GNO. I immediately jumped at the idea of a baby-free night, where I could dress up, slap on some mascara, and sip on a glass of wine while having adult conversation that didn’t center around my child’s most recent bowel movement.

I had been out shopping with my mother earlier in the day, and we planned to have her just take Henry back to her house for an overnight stay so that I could enjoy my GNO to it’s fullest and come get him in the morning.  (Disclaimer: Daddy Perks had already had plans for the evening, otherwise he would have gladly had a boys’ night with his son.)

Anyways-as I drove home from the mall with no baby in the backseat, I had the pleasure of realizing that I was about to be in comforts of my home, no husband or baby, with over an HOUR AND A HALF  to shower, blow-dry my hair, and put on make-up.  All by myself. (If you are a new mother-here is where you would insert the heavens opening up, the choir of angels singing a sweet tune, and you’d be getting down on your knees to praise whoever your higher power is for the opportunity to get ready in peace.)

A peace that didn’t include you having to rush through every part of the getting ready process.  A peace that didn’t  include a husband hovering over you asking you if you were ready yet? A peace that didn’t include a 9 month-old hanging on the hem of your skirt as you try to curl your hair and brush your teeth at the same time.

And while my phone rang at least seven times during that “peaceful” hour yesterday while I got ready in my quiet, empty house-it didn’t matter. I enjoyed a 15 minute shower.  I had time to iron my clothes.  I had a second to breathe as I decided which shoes to put on.  AND- I knew I was on my way out. To a restaurant.  Where I wouldn’t have to get a high chair for our table.  Or inhale my food that had already turned cold.  Or tear bread into a million pieces for my child while he impatiently waited for his meal to get there.  Or tip my waiter extra because the scene under our table ended up looking like a group of toddlers had just engaged in a massive food fight. (Re-insert heavens opening up, angels singing, etc.)

So as I sat there with my one girlfriend, and 11 complete strangers-I took a deep breath.  Like I said…sometimes you don’t realize just how much you need a GNO until your knee-deep in good food, good conversation, and great company.

And my baby-free dinner, coupled with a trip to see the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 was exactly. what. I. needed.

Perk of the Day: A guilt-free GNO where I got to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned girl time and got Carried Away from my daily duties as a wife and mother.


2 Responses to “GNO Perks.”

  1. mamahiggins May 29, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    amen sister.

  2. Tiff June 1, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    Wow, thanks for reminding me what I have not experienced in, oh say 8 months! You’re right, it’s about time! 😉

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