Eight Excellent Months.

17 May

Did we make it to 8 already?

Geesh, time flies.

And if I do say so myself…my little baby boy is getting cuter. by. the. minute.

And along with that…every month milestone we hit…my little guy becomes more active…and his monthly photo shoot becomes MUCH shorter.

You were surprisingly less hostile with your monkey counter-part this time.

It was as if you’d finally realized you are (WAY) cuter than the furry guy.

Third picture we took…you were already trying to crawl away.

But Mom, I’m cuter than the monkey right?

Henry’s first (and hopefully last) intimate moment with a monkey.


It’s a shame they don’t look anything alike.

Can you tell we are in full-fledged teething mode? Hands are in the mouth ALL the time these days.

You STILL get compliments on your eyebrows and eyelashes all the time.

You’re into everything these days.  And gosh I could eat up those legs.

While we were taking pictures, Daddy was eating a tasty treat and you insisted on trying it…

I don’t think you realized popsicles are cold.

But the more you tasted…

The more you wanted…


We tried to prepare you that it was almost gone…

We failed.

My Henry-Benry Boy,

My how you’ve changed over the past month.  Daddy and I are watching you (quickly) leave your baby face behind, and wanting to freeze time as you grow into an adorable little boy.  In fact, the entire time you were in my belly I would day dream for hours about what you’d look like as a baby.  And now, I find myself daydreaming about what you’ll look like as a little boy.  But each morning when I go into your room to get you out of your crib, you seem different from the night before.  Your face is more mature, your personality is coming out with every giggle, and your eyes.  Oh baby boy, you melt hearts with your eyes.

From the day you were born, you’ve been SO expressive.  I remember back when you were only a few months old, we’d sit and laugh at the looks you would give us.  You’d raise an eyebrow and look at us all suspiciously, and all we could do was laugh.  We wondered how at 2 months old, you could already realize that your parents are just a couple of nerds.  But now-at 8 months old, we are beginning to see your personality shine through more and more.  You’re goofy.  The way you laugh, the way your eyes get really big when we say something silly, the smirk you give Daddy when he tells a joke.  It’s all evidence that while you may not talk (yet), you seem to know exactly what’s going on around you.

You truly are Mr. Personality.  In fact-the other day we were shoe-shopping with Aunt Corey and a certain sales associate was convinced you were the “E-Trade Baby” from the commercial.  She spotted us at least 5 different times in the store and just gushed over how cute you were.  You of course, were a total ham.  You smiled, and batted your eyelashes.  Ironically, she’s not the first person to tell me you look like the E-Trade babies…and I’ll be honest Hank-if we could land you a commercial deal like that, I wouldn’t complain.

As far as your growth since last month-no surprises here-you’re still growing.  You are probably around 23-24 lbs. right now.  You’ve officially graduated into your “big-boy” car seat and you. love. it.  And Daddy and I are huge fans as well.  It’s so nice to be able to turn around and see your smiling face as we drive places.  You love being able to face forward and see us too.  You also dance to the music on the radio and wiggle your feat. You’ve got rhythm already, which pleases Daddy since he can’t wait to start teaching you Michael Jackson dances.  Yesterday we were driving to the zoo, and Daddy was mimicking a dance you were doing, and you thought it was hilarious.  He’d do a motion, then you’d copy what he did.  The two of you went back and forth copying each other’s moves and I started thinking about how I can’t wait to have dance parties with you.

Speaking of dancing…you’re up on two feet these days.  You stood all by yourself a couple weeks ago and it was pretty amazing.  In fact, we were at Daddy’s softball game when it happened, and you stood there long enough for me to get out my phone and snap a picture of it.  (This was of course while we were watching Daddy play, because we pay close attention to his mad softball skills the entire time we cheer him on.  I NEVER get distracted by how cute you are and miss him when he’s up to bat.) I can’t imagine it’ll be too much longer before you take your first steps.

Your latest tricks include: peekaboo, clapping and high fives.  My particular favorite is throwing a blanket over your head and asking, “Where’s Henry?”  You quickly pull the blanket off and start laughing hysterically.  You’re still a pro at waving.

Your favorite toys these days are certainly from the Fisher Price family.  You’re most content when you’re playing with nasal aspirators, air vents, door stoppers, sharpie markers, mommy’s cell phone, and daddy’s socks.  Remind me again why we buy toys?

As far as food goes-you’re eating it all.  Yesterday we went on a walk to eat lunch at Chipotle and you couldn’t get enough of the mild salsa.  Daddy was thrilled because tomatoes have lots of lycopene.  I was thrilled because you seem to have taken a liking to my all-time favorite snack.

You’ve got all kinds of quirky perks, but lately we’ve been really entertained by your laugh. You seem to be channeling your inner Steve Urkel (for all you Family Matters buffs out there.)  If you think something is really funny you scrunch up your nose and open your mouth and this really breathy belly laugh comes out.  I certainly don’t think it’s a coincidence that your middle name is Isaac, which means “full of laughter.”  It also helps that you’ve got a Dad who could make a living telling jokes.  You’ve also taken to turning your head to the side and listening when you think something important is being said.  You’re very curious, and when you’re amongst adults you tend to come off as an excellent listener.  A skill you’ve most definitely acquired from Mommy 🙂

Thanks for being such a cool kid, Buggy.  You truly light up our lives every minute of the day.

Happy 8 months sweet baby boy.




5 Responses to “Eight Excellent Months.”

  1. Jenny May 17, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    Henry is adorable & I can’t believe how big he is getting! Time sure does fly by….we need to have a sexy 7 get-together soon so I can see this cute little guy. Miss ya Shubs!

  2. Rach May 17, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    What sweet little pictures, Shubz. He IS turning into a little boy!!! And I am so proud to hear that he is enjoying Mexican food. Won’t be long till he’s eating cheese dip with us:). Love you!

  3. mamahiggins May 18, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    I’m smiling with tears in my eyes because seeing how sweet and smart your baby boy is only reminds me how quickly mine will be doing the same things! He’s a handsome little thing and salsa is the best snack!

  4. Tiff June 1, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    Love that little monkey! Is he running yet?!?! I’m looking forward to getting our boys together this summe 😉

  5. Tiff June 1, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    Oh, and you have to let me know what carseat y’all went with and your pros and cons…. We’re not far away… (tear)

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