Seven SUPER (fast) months!

18 Apr

Looking suspiciously well-behaved for the photo shoot.

DON’T be fooled by this innocent face.

Seriously…this business of sitting and smiling-it lasted about TWO SECONDS…

Ahhh yes.  The return of my rotten 7-month old.

You can see the frustration in his face with my camera angles.  Apparently I’m not doing much to flatter his thighs.

Two teeth.  And two big scratches on his nose.

I should point out that without fail Henry scratches his face when his monthly photo shoots roll around.  His timing is impeccable like that.

“Mom & Dad…you guys have no idea what you’ve gotten yourselves into.”

Proof that his hair is FINALLY growing back.

He was born with a full head of jet black hair and now it’s growing back in blonde and light brown.

This boy is ON the move these days.

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

I’m looking up at this picture and realizing that you’re literally growing UP these days.  My brain is on overload on where to begin with your latest and greatest 7 month-old tricks…let’s try list format shall we?

*Height/Weight/Head Measurements…well, since you didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month, I don’t have the exact numbers.  BUT, I do know for sure that you are LONGER and HEAVIER than you were a month ago.  I’m certain of this because your “too tiny” wardrobe continues to grow, and so do my biceps.  I’m going to have to start calling you “Hank the Tank” the way you are growing-since I can barely carry you in car seat these days.  You are so heavy in fact-that I’m afraid to get on the scale and weigh you, because I know you’re getting dangerously close to being too big for your infant car seat.  You’ve got to be tipping the scales at close to 22 lbs, and once you do-you’ll have to make the transition to your big boy car seat.  And lord knows, Daddy and I aren’t mentally or financially ready to make that switch yet.  Holy almost $300 just for you keep riding in the car?!? Alright all you mommies of 22 lb+ babies out there… recommendations on big-kid car seats?  We’ve heard good things about Britax.  What are your thoughts?

*Food/Drink…Still 100% nursing and going strong.  You still love breastfeeding.  And breastfeeding still loves mommy’s shrinking waistline.  My goal has always been to nurse you until your 1st birthday and unless something changes, I think we’ll make it.  As far as food goes, let’s just say you’ve gone from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.  About a month ago you tried puffs for the first time.  The first few times you tried them, you gagged like we were trying to kill choke you.  You had this look in your eyes like Daddy and I were torturing you.  And then after a few tries, you decided you liked puffs, and it was all downhill from there.  And in the last few weeks you’ve really started to master picking up food and putting it in your mouth all by yourself.  You LOVE to feed yourself.  Although, you still do that unfortunate thing babies do when their first learning how to feed themselves.  You’ll pick up some food in your fist, and then when you put your hand up to your mouth, you forget to open up your fist.  I’d say right now you’re batting about a .500-which for those of you who aren’t sports-savvy, means Henry’s getting about half of what he tries to eat into his mouth, and the other half ends up in his lap, or on the floor.  And just last week, while we were on vacation, you devoured THREE of Great Nana’s meatballs.  In fact, after your performance at the dinner table that night, Granddad was calling you Mr. Meatball.  So basically, anything’s fair game these days.  If we can cut it into small pieces, you can eat it-and in most cases you do-in large quantities.  You’ve tried all kinds of table foods including: mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, yogurt, applesauce, goldfish crackers, peas, bread, grilled chicken, quesadillas, green beans, and rice to name a few!

*Sleeping…Pure Bliss.  You are a sleeping angel.  You sleep for 11-12 hours straight at night.  You go down around 8 pm and you don’t get up til 7 or 8 am.  We’re spoiled and we know it.  You take great naps too, usually 2 or 3 throughout the day.  Our only challenge lately is that now that you are pulling yourself up, you stand in your crib all the time.  So when it’s time for you to sleep and you decide sleep isn’t on your agenda, you stand at the edge of your crib and whimper. You sound like a puppy dog, and it’s adorable and pathetic all at the same time. The only time you’ve had trouble sleeping recently is when you’re teething-which brings me to my next topic…

*Teething…You have teeth!  A few weeks ago you had a really rough night’s sleep and the next morning we felt your gums, and sure enough you’d popped your first tooth!  Within a few days you had both your bottom front teeth, and now your top two front teeth are coming in too.  You’ve handled the teething fairly well, although, when you’re in pain-you let us know.  We’ve managed to get through it with lots of help from our friends Motrin and Tylenol.

*Gross Motor Skills…Can we say baby proofing?  I should have known I was in trouble with you when you held your head up by yourself the day you were born.  You’re still a crawling machine-and you. are. quick.  Daddy and I went out and got the baby gates, and it’s a good thing we did, since you’re into everything.  You can pull yourself up into a standing positing on just about anything (cupboards, couches, exersaucer, our bodies, stairs, etc.) and then you’re able to scale around these objects.  The other day I no sooner turned my head for a second and you actuallyCLIMBED up to the third step of our stairs all by yourself.  (Sorry Daddy Perks-I know-the gate should have been up.) You are quite the dare devil. You have even started to stand up on things and then let go, pretending like you know how to stand by yourself, (which you don’t THANK  GOD.)  But, I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before you are standing by yourself, and do I dare say…walking.  I know it seems crazy early, but my guess is when I’m writing your next monthly post, you’ll have added to your list of tricks, and there aren’t many steps left between where you are now and walking. (No pun intended.)

*Fetishes… Among other things you aren’t allowed to touch, you have a current love affair with cords, cell phones, remote controls, and paper.  You have a knack for finding every single electrical cord in the room, and once you do-it goes directly in your mouth.  Awesome.  We are getting better about keeping them out of your reach, but you are certainly helping us to realize that creating a baby-proof environment is not a task for the faint of heart.

* Separation Anxiety…For the first time in your life, I would say you’ve started to have a little separation anxiety.  I noticed it when we were in Florida last week visiting Great Nana.  I’d start to leave the room you were in, and you’d immediately reach out for me and start to whine a little. You’d be fine as soon as I was gone, but you’ve certainly started to realize you love Mommy and Daddy most.  Your pediatrician says this is a good thing-it shows that you’re recognizing who the “key players” or VIP in your life are, and it’s a milestone that most babies start to experience around this time.  However, you are still such a people person.  You are a total flirt, and you’ll go to anyone who will pay attention to you.

*Travel…You had your 2nd vacation to Florida last week to visit your Great Nana.  I’m working on a separate post about our trip, so I won’t dish too many details here, but we had a blast, and you and Great Nana were two peas in a pod 🙂

Not too much else to report on.  You’re still adorable.  And Daddy and I still love you more than anything else in the world.  We are in constant amazement that God chose us to be your parents, and we hope that you know how loved you are.  You have made our lives infinitely more amazing with every breath you take.  Daddy and I tell you all the time-you’re without a doubt the coolest person we know.



7 Responses to “Seven SUPER (fast) months!”

  1. Elly April 18, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

    Hi Lindsey,

    We did tons of research on the carseat issue. We have 2 Britax and love them. Thick straps that don’t twist and easy to install. We have the Marathon and the Boulevard. I have to say that I like the Marathon better. The Boulevard is GIGANTIC, and as the girls have gotten older, it reduces their ability to see out windows. Albee Baby is a great website and often has Britax sales. Not to mention no sales tax and usually free shipping!

  2. Tiff April 18, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    I could absolutely eat Henry up! Every last chunky drop of him! 🙂 Please take good notes on baby proofing and carseats! (Though I don’t think Tucker will quite be there at 7 months….well, he might hit the length cap on his carseat, but probably not the weight cap.) I’ll definitely be looking to you for some recs!
    I just can’t get over how fast Henry is growing! Looks like you’re packin’ some “heavy whipping cream” for sure 😉

  3. Abby April 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    I agree with Elly – we couldn’t be happier with our two Britax carseats! We have a Marathong (bigger) for my car and a Roundabout (smaller) for B’s more compact car. Durable, stylish, and safe! A great combo!

    And, yes, I am totally down with a zoo trip! Can’t wait!

  4. Gina April 19, 2010 at 3:41 pm #

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your little man is too cute for words. My L had a head full of dark dark hair when he was born…it was so thick that you couldn’t see his scalp and it stuck straight out…so cute. Now it’s so blonde! It’s finally starting to darken up a bit…I hope it gets even darker. I’ll be back!

  5. Rach April 20, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    Such a big boy! You’re going to be making an eight month post before you know it! l kept poor Walker in his Graco carseat (travel system) until he was one year old and his legs were hanging over the end and I could barely close the straps. I was so happy when he could finally turn around and face forward in a big boy seat!! Please tell Henry that he needs to remember that he is not old enough to be climbing up stairs:). Love you!

  6. Bethany April 20, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    I cannot believe how big Henry is getting and how many tricks he’s got going on!! He is far ahead of my girls in terms of gross motor from that age. I can’t say I minded much their lack of desire to walk until after age 1…and you reminded me so with your description of Henry going after the electrical cords! Get ready to be the proud mama on the bleachers–that boy of yours is sure to be a sports star one day!

    As for carseats, shoot me an email at (because I don’t have your email!) and I’ll reply with the consumer reports information on toddler carseats. We’ve had a subscription to for over 5 years now and just when we think we don’t need it anymore, something pops up and we’re so glad we still subscribe. We just picked up a new seat for Jaden based on what CR said for boosters w/ 5-pt. harness option. We ended up with a Graco and I’m happy to report that we’re very happy with it.

    It is totally up to you ultimately what type of carseat Henry rides in. We haven’t splurged on Britax seats, but I have heard good things about them. Our kids have done great in the good ol’ Evenflo and Graco and our wallets thank us. On the other hand, he’ll be sitting in whichever seat you get until he’s both 4 years old AND 40 lbs (the latter of which I’m sure won’t take him very long to accomplish–ha!) so thinking about spending $300 on a seat isn’t so bad when you consider the number of times he’ll sit in it.

    Enjoy your 7 month old and look for an update from me soon on our next trip to C-bus. I’m tentatively planning two trips in May, one for a girls night out and I’d love for you to join us!

  7. Lauren April 25, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    Love your letters! You inspired mine! Henry is adorable by the way! I think I have an exclamation point problem. =)

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