Snowed In & Stir Crazy.

6 Feb

Well, it’s official.

We. Are. Snowed. In.

To set the scene…it’s 10:38 pm and I’m still wearing the pajamas I put on last night.  And no-I have not brushed my teeth today.  I like to live on the lazy wild side.

I should mention that Daddy Perks and I are seasoned veterans when it comes to our marriage weathering the storm of a nasty blizzard.  In 2008,  we survived 22 inches of snow that kept us cooped up in our 700 square foot 1 bedroom apartment for almost 2 days straight.  We’d only been married for a few months at that point, and to be honest, I could do a whole post on just how fun that was.  Let’s just say I ended up catching the cleaning bug and Daddy Perks grabbed my arm at one point and said “Enough! The baseboards are clean enough.”

When we finally did dig ourselves out of the mound of snow our cars had been buried in for days-many expletives were exchanged and name calling.  But I’ll spare you most of the details.  It can pretty much be summed up in saying that if our marriage made it through that storm, no blizzard can bring the Perks down.  And thank goodness now we live in a house with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and TONS more square feet of battleground.

I suppose to Henry, this day has been just like any other Friday, but for Daddy Perks and I…well-let’s just say as of late you might as well rename the Perks’ residence the cah-razy bin.  See for yourself…

Did I mention I also haven’t brushed my hair today?  Wh0ops.

The picture with Daddy Perks represents most of what we’ve been doing today-staying wrapped up in tons of blankets and watching a whole lot of  TV, and just being extra goofy.  (You’re shocked, right?)

You might say our snow day “rock bottom” came early this evening when I forced Daddy Perks to trudge through the snow to a grocery store in walking distance of our house JUST to get me cool ranch doritos.  I claimed I was desperate for a fix, but perhaps what I was really desperate for, was a break from his shenanigans.   When he hasn’t been watching tv or sleeping today, he’s been doing really bad impressions of Barbara Walters, reading the weather ticker of all the closings in extremely strange voices, mastering turning things on and off with only his toes, and blessing Hank and I with a myriad of his favorite Michael Jackson dance moves.  So yes-I made him go out in the blizzard because I was “dying for cool ranch doritos” aka-if Henry and I didn’t get a break for our best bud, we might have ended up staging a coup against him right in our living room.  His trip wasn’t all for not though, he did make a pit stop at Chipotle on his way to the grocery store to satisfy his own burrito bowl craving.

Are we the only ones that go to a “crazy place” when we know we can’t leave our house?  We end up laughing about the dumbest things and being entertained by each other doing somersaults and headstands which result in unnecessary injuries and hurt feelings.

For those of you who are also snowed in, here’s to hoping the blizzard is forcing allowing you to spend extra quality time with the ones you love.  A little snow-induced forced family fun is bound to add a perk or two to your weekend, right?

7 Responses to “Snowed In & Stir Crazy.”

  1. Tiff February 6, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    Hahaha! The Perkins and the Keene’s would get along like peas and carrots! I can totally relate! And, btw, we are all still in our pj’s today (we got the snow a day later than y’all). One good thing about snow days, we get caught up on our DVR! 🙂 (Though I sure need to get bit by that cleaning bug. He’s avoided my house for quite some time now…)

  2. Jessica February 7, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    Where do u guys live now? We live near a grocery and chipotle too, and I didn’t think to send my hubby out! I’ll keep that in mind for the next blizzard:)

  3. abs February 7, 2010 at 2:51 pm #

    two things came to mind while reading this post:
    1. UK Ice Storm ’03
    2. Green Velvet Pajamas

  4. Rach February 9, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    That’s what you get for being married to a comedian – botched impersonations and crazy dance moves. You can send him to our house next for a little entertainment. I think he’s funny:). Love u!!!

  5. Rach February 12, 2010 at 12:40 am #

    Uh, I think you owe me a diaper bag packing qualification oriented post if I remember correctly. Hearing your voice just made me grin. Love you.

  6. Abby February 17, 2010 at 2:00 am #

    Gosh can I relate to the above picture. GET ME OUT OF HERE. Also, wish I looked like you in pic below (miss my boobs since not nursing!!!! ha!!!). Are you still snowed in???

  7. Itty Bitty February 18, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Love. The. Pics.

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