I hold ALL the Power.

28 Aug

Muah ha ha.

Ok, so SUE me for finding the PERKS in this whole situation 🙂

(After all, wouldn’t this whole website be a sham if I wasn’t able to find the bright side of being 40 weeks AND 4 days pregnant?!?)

Let me explain.  In the past few days I’ve realized just HOW much power I hold in my every move.  Perhaps this would best be explained in list format…


*When you’re THIS pregnant…NOBODY screens your calls.  Hehe.  Come on people.  We’ve all been there.  The name pops up on the caller ID of your cell phone, and for any number of reasons, you convince yourself you don’t have time to talk to the person calling.  Well guess what-when the person calling is 284 days pregnant…EVERYBODY answers-regardless of what they’re doing in that moment.  Nevermind the fact that I’ve caused others to hang up on whoever they were talking to so they could click over and to talk to me, caused Daddy Perks to “step out of a meeting” to make sure I wasn’t in labor, had the school secretary leave her post to hunt down my mom at the high school she works at, and interrupted multiple friends at work who I managed to keep on the phone for FAR longer than to simply inform them that “No-there isn’t any baby news yet.”  (***Disclaimer…When said pregnant person is on maternity leave but doesn’t yet have a baby to fill her non-working hours with, she may or may not have extra time on her hands and call LOTS of her loved ones in hopes that they will help pass the time.)

*When you’re THIS pregnant…you’re constantly being reminded of  just HOW loved you are.  And I’m not just talking about my phone calls being answered at all hours of the day.  In the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of realizing just how grateful I am to be bringing my baby boy into a world where he is already so loved by so many.  There isn’t a better feeling in the world than knowing that I’ve got such a team of supporters behind me as I venture down the road of pushing a watermelon through a peephole to bring an actual human into the world that I’ll be responsible for for a very. long. time.  It’s a scary thought-becoming a parent.  And I can’t thank my dear family and friends enough for making me feel like I’m up for the challenge. Whether or not they actually believe what they’re telling me-I’ve received countless calls, emails, and messages encouraging me to “hang in there” through these last few days of physically daunting pregnancy, and also so many sweet words about what a wonderful mother I’m going to be.  It is these kind words that have kept me sane in recent days when I’ve wondered if my swollen feet could take me much further.

*When you’re THIS pregnant…all your concerns about weight gain have gone out the window.  By this I mean that not only have I stopped keeping track of how many pounds I’ve gained, but I feel more than entitled to eat whatever I want whenever I want in the land of overdue days. If this kid is going to stay cozy in my belly, then he’ll have to do so with the likes of french fries, movie popcorn, 1/2 priced appetizers, fried cheese and all the other nutritional goodness I’ve treated myself to recently.  After all, my guilt-free indulgent days are numbered and this Mama will soon be joining “Operation Skinny Jeans.”  I’ve actually forgotten what it feels like to zip/button my pants, and I can’t WAIT to start utilizing more than3 % of my wardrobe.  (These days I’m down to approximately 3 shirts and 2 bottoms that still fit me without cutting off blood flow to my extremities-so apologies to those of you who see me on a regualar basis and are wondering if I have anything else to wear.  The answer is NO!)

Happy Friday to all of you.  Happy LAST Henry-less Friday to Daddy Perks and I 🙂

**Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll have breaking baby news ASAP**

5 Responses to “I hold ALL the Power.”

  1. Rach August 28, 2009 at 12:01 pm #

    You are doing so great, Shubz. Henry will be here in no time and you will feel even MORE love, if that’s possible:). You have been there for so many of us through the big moments in our lives and we can’t wait to be part of yours. I love you, Mrs. Perkins!

  2. Romy August 28, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    Hello darling. Not what you want to hear…but I was 10 days late with Miles and was induced. Good news was I was only in labor for 6 hours 12 minutes. With Jessica…I had to get stripped and the Doc told me “go home and have the craziest sex EVER” Jessie was here within 12 hours. SO… considering the fact that after what Daddy Perks is about to witness he will need the full 6 weeks to recover…I suggest a little who ha and Henry will probably rear his sweet little head and let you and Colin know who is really boss. I love you-Aunt RO

  3. Elly August 28, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    I think Aunt RO is funny.

  4. Megan P August 29, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

    Dearest Shubba,

    Yes, you’re right- you hold ALL the power and we love you Sooooooo much. And Henry, of course. I talk about him daily in regular conversation as if he were already here. I CAN’T wait. I’m trying to be patient….love you! Mego

  5. Abby August 29, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    You are one amazing mama!

    (And I promise to answer your email…soon!!!)

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