Wedding Perks…

7 May

This weekend will be another first for Baby Henry.  His first in utero wedding.  But this isn’t just any wedding.  It’s the wedding of a dear friend of mine from high school, Lynn.  What’s important to note about these nuptials (other than the joy that two of my dear friends are uniting as one) , is that this will be a Sexy 7 wedding.  

Pause. Rewind.  I’m realizing that months into my blogging escapades…I’ve YET to share with you about the fabulous, infamous, esteemed high school  group of girlfriends I am still proudly a part of:

The Sexy 7.

That’s right people…my six best friends from high school and I commonly referred to ourselves as  “The Sexy 7” all throughout our high school years…and nearly 10 years later…we still proudly refer to ourselves this way.  I know that it’s incredibly unique that a decade later, I’m still extremely close with each of these girls as often times people tend to drift from their high school friends.  Not these ladies.  These are girls who I know I’ll call friends til we’re old and gray. Having known each other for so long, we’ve seen each other through life’s greatest ups and downs.  They were all there to help me celebrate my wedding day…

sexy 7 wedding pic

J-dubs, Beck, Megs, Shubs (aka Mama Perks), KTP, Court, Lynn


…and I plan to share in the joy of each of them walking down the aisle.   It just so happens that I’ll get the pleasure of doing so for the first time this weekend 🙂

It’s incredibly humbling to know just how much support I have from each of these ladies.  In fact, I can’t wait for Henry to meet each of them because they were the first group of friends to throw me a baby shower for our little one.

Here is a shot of the Sexy 7 @ my first baby shower.  They threw me a “mother/daughter” themed shower and it was incredibly intimate and special.  Each of our mothers were there and we sat around sharing how our mothers have influenced our lives.  I was also blessed to get advice from each of the Sexy 7 moms on how I can best prepare for the arrival of little Henry…

sexy 7 baby shower

They showered me (and Henry) with so many wonderful gifts…but more importantly, they reminded me just how amazing it is that I will have all of their support as I venture into unchartered waters…aka Motherhood.  I’m proud to say that Henry is already so loved by such a fabulous group of ladies.  Watch out  little man…these girls are gonna spoil you rotten!

Here’s one last shot of us at Lynn’s wedding shower.  Her wedding colors are green, black, and white-so you’ll notice we are extremely color coordinated in this shot:


lynn shower pic


I suspect that after this weekend’s festivities, there will be plenty of PERKS to share as my belly and I make our way to the dance floor in style.  Watch out Henry, your Mama plans to bust a move…especially if the DJ cranks out a little Journey!  Come to think of it…”Don’t Stop Believin'” might have you doing your very own in utero jig.  So slap on your dancing booties and get ready for a good time.


2 Responses to “Wedding Perks…”

  1. Lynn May 8, 2009 at 3:11 pm #

    Love this post! Cannot wait for all the fun tomorrow!! And especially to share the event with my 7 loves!

  2. Rachie May 8, 2009 at 3:42 pm #

    Lindz – you look GORGEOUS in both of these preggo pics (and the wedding one, of course). I can’t wait to see you, rub that sweet tummy and celebrate the pending arrival of Mr. Henry Perkins in person. Oh, the anticipation…

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