Fun Fruit Friday!

27 Mar

You guessed it…time for your favorite bambino produce update…


Baby Perks is 19 weeks old!

Baby Perks is 19 weeks old!


And the timing of this week’s comparison couldn’t be more perfect.   Tomorrow I will head to a place where the mangoes are plentiful.  A place where the leathery skin on wrinkly old men swallows the beaches.  A place where golf carts outnumber SUV’s.  A place where the palm trees are growing and the SPF is flowing.  

If you haven’t been staying up with LIFOP, then let me clarify.  The place I’m headed is not a retirement home.  Although quite frankly, my vacation to Ft. Myers, Florida might as well be to a retirement home because all I intend to do while I’m there is sit by the pool, play checkers in the afternoon, and eat the delicious Chicken Pot Pie that my fantasitc 85 year-old Nana has been preparing for weeks in honor of my arrival.  

So-since this will be Baby Perks’ one and ONLY in utero plane ride…we’ve been having lots of pep talks these days.  I wanted to be clear that  he/she needs to keep the in utero summer saults to a minimum during our take off and landing.  I want to make sure the first time I feel my little one moving it’s the real deal.  I don’t want to mistake a stomach-dropping take-off or a bumpy landing for the pregnancy milestone which I’m looking forward to with such anticipation.  SO-we’ve come to an understanding that he/she is going to take a nice long nap from the time we leave for the airport on Saturday morning in Columbus until the time Mommy Perks is finally lounging out by the pool in a super-cute new maternity bathing suit.  

And BY THE WAY… Baby Perks is FINALLY being compared to a sweet, delicious, and exotic fruit.  Of course these are all adjectives any doting parent would be proud to hear if used to describe their little squirt.  Especially exotic.


One Response to “Fun Fruit Friday!”

  1. Rachie March 27, 2009 at 10:19 pm #

    Have fun, Shubz!!! Relaxing by the pool just isn’t the same when you have a little one to take care of:). But it’s worth it, of course. I love you and am dying to know the sex – like I have said 1,000,000 times. XOXO.

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