Fun Fruit Friday!

20 Mar

How’s your favorite cyber-baby sizing up these days?  Well, since you’re dying to know…


Baby Perks is 18 weeks old!I’m at odds once again.  My sweet Baby Perks is currently a similar size with yet another food that I absolutely despise.  Seriously, if you know me at all, then you know I detest sweet potatoes.  Truth be told-I can’t even muster up enough holiday spirit to force down this odd “potato” during Thanksgiving dinner in an effort to be festive.  I think part of it might be the fact that I’m way more of a “salty” person than I am a “sweet” person.  (Note-this is in regards to actual food.  I consider myself to be very sweet when it comes to non-food related issues.)  Let me try to explain…

If you want cookies, I want chips.  If you want ice cream, I want high sodium dips.  If you’re hosting a cookie baking party, I’ll be hosting a Bring-Your-Own-Appetizer party.  Give me cheeseballs and chip dips over cake and cookies any day.

The following description accompanied my weekly fruit update…”Your fetus has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And baby’s finally big enough that you’ll be able to feel those movements soon.”

Go Baby Perks!  Call me a doting new mommy…but seriously-my little one can kick, punch, suck AND swallow.  I mean no big deal, but I’m pretty sure those are all the required skills he/she will need to land themself in a principal’s office, a juvenile detention center, or at the very least, on a twisted episode of Jerry Springer.  And the fact is-I couldn’t be more proud.

And yes-you read correctly.  Pretty soon, I’ll be be able to feel Baby Perks!  This is a pregnancy milestone I simply can’t WAIT to reach.  Now, I could devote a whole blog post to getting on my soapbox about the MILLION ways women describe “what it feels like” when you feel the baby move for the first time.  Some call it a “flutter.”  Others say it feels like “nervous butterflies.”  My own mother said it feels like a “rumbling in your tummy.”  Here’s the thing-if that’s the case, I’ve been “feeling Baby Perks move” since I was 4 years old.  In other words, I’m still waiting for the defining moment…a moment of certainty when I know for sure that what I’m feeling in my tummy isn’t indigestion, gas, or the leftover quarter pounder with cheese I just slammed at lunch.  I know when it happens, I’ll know.  And of course, you readers will be among the first to hear about it. 

Now-that being said…let me clear up what may be a trend that’s starting to evolve.  JUST because I’ve been at odds with Baby Perks’ last few fruit/veggie comparisons, does NOT mean I’m at odds with my growing bambino.  In fact, Baby Perks and I are falling more in love with every day that passes.  Well, I suppose I can really only speak for myself (although, at this point in my child’s short life, I’ll take creative license and speak on my little one’s behalf) and say we’re developing quite the obsession with one another these days.  I guess his or her infatuation with me is probably more based on the current goodness I’m sending his or her way via my umbilical cord.  I mean let’s be honest…at this point Baby Perks is already eternally indebted to me for all immune system he/she’s been hogging from my body over the past 17 weeks.  

Now me on the other hand, my infatuation with Baby Perks is weird and twisted in the world of women.  There aren’t many females in the western world who’d be thanking any individual and/or inanimate object for making their belly expand.  But I personally, couldn’t be more thrilled with with the way Baby Perks is making my mid-section bigger by the minute.  He/She can take full responsibility for the “insert-coat-hanger-in-my-mouth” smile that I can’t seem to get off my face.  It’s true.  The belly is in full effect these days, and people aren’t too shy to touch it, rub it, talk about it, and tell me just HOW BIG I’m getting.  Like I said, any other circumstance in the world would have women appalled at people even acknowledging their growing tummy, but when you’re pregnant-it’s a different story.

Bottom line…Baby Perks-I’m (and always will be) your biggest fan.

*Disclaimer…I’ve been catching all kinds of heat from loyal LIFOP readers for not posting in 6 days.  Here’s the deal-on Sunday night our dear friends Jaime and Scott welcomed their sweet baby girl Emma Elizabeth into the world.  Daddy Perks and I have loved every second of getting to watch some of our best friends in the world cross the threshold into parenthood for the first time…in fact-we’re calling it a “dry run” AKA a chance for us to see what we’re in for come August.  So since Sunday morning, I’ve made 4 trips to the hospital, somehow made it through picture day AND St. Patty’s day at school (if you’re a teacher you know exactly what kind of accomplisment this is) and have managed to somehow make it to Friday in one piece.  It’s an accomplishment any pregnant woman would pat themselves on the back for.  

Look forward to the next few days…I’ll be posting lots of fun stuff including a belly bump alert, pregnancy soapbox issues I need to get off my chest, pictures of Baby Emma (if the new Mom & Dad will let me exploit their child on the internet) and much, much more.


3 Responses to “Fun Fruit Friday!”

  1. Tony Jackson March 20, 2009 at 10:26 am #

    You are certainly not alone in your obsession to be pregnant. My wife Amy may want to be pregnant more than actually having the child. We’ll see once that time comes. Keep posting Perks, they’re quite the interesting read!

  2. Lisa Williams March 21, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Hi! I love all your vegetable/fruit comparisons. So far, I have LOVED both the objects you’ve compared your lil’ perks to! I love the blog. It’s so nice to read all the WONDERFUL updates on you, daddy, and baby. Miss you guys so much and am so glad to hear you are doing well!


  3. Rachie March 21, 2009 at 8:02 pm #

    Awwww…my little tater tot. I cannot wait to find out if your little one is a boy or girl. The suspense is outta control. And I’m sure your belly is not that bit. Just wait. Just wait, my friend. Love you.

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