“Best Lookin’ Spine”…

5 Mar

Well, we had two visits to the doctor this week-one was expected, one was not.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that over the weekend I was suffering from some wicked headaches.  Some so bad, that on Sunday these headaches migraines caused me to relive my morning sickness glory days.  That’s right folks, it was back to the porcelain gods for Mama Perks.  Well, I should clarify…the first time I threw up was actually in Daddy Perks’ car in a crumpled up Wendy’s bag.  Thank god Daddy Perks often uses the front seat of his car as a dropping place for the remnants of his on-the-go eating habits.  But the subsequent times were actually in the comforts of my own home.  Nothing says HOT MESS like not even being able to keep down an innocent can of Chicken & Stars soup.  Yes-apparently I’m 5 year’s old, and to eat chicken noodle soup, I need the needles to be shaped like stars.  (Take moment to think about the yummy juvenile foods you still partake in.  See!  You thought of at least one!)  

Anyhow, by Monday morning Daddy Perks was ready to make use of the fact that we’ve got a hospital in walking distance of our house, but I told him to hold off so that I could see my own Doc.  Our wonderful OB informed me that about 1 in 10 women suffer from migraines in the 2nd trimester.  (God forbid, I reside in the group of 90 freakin % of women that bypass this lovely symptom.)  Well needless to say, after he took one look at me he prescribed me what can only be described as crack in an orange bottle.  It’s apparently a medicine that was developed especially for pregnant women who suffer from migraines.  At this point I want to take a moment to thank “Dr.-I’m-so-smart-I-figured-out-a-way-around-the-fact-that-knocked-up-women-aren’t-supposed-to-have-any-drugs” for developing this magical pill.  After taking it, within minutes I felt like all the little silver balls that had been rolling around in my head laughing in my face went away.  So that was the UNEXPECTED visit.

Then, yesterday, we trotted back to the OB for our planned 16 week appointment and another lovely treat.  Now this treat didn’t come in an orange bottle…but it was way better.  We got to have an ultra sound and see Baby Perks!  Now keep in mind, this is how the appointment went down.  Daddy Perks and I are in the examining room waiting…he’s commenting on how there are NEVER any good magazines for men at these places, (imagine that-the OBGYN office doesn’t subscribe to Esquire & GQ) we watch the nurse come in and prep the ultra sound machine…yes-very “Knocked Up”-esque…she puts that jelly-like substance on the wand that will later go in my you-know-where and then we wait for the Doc.  Now, when he comes in he and Daddy Perks strike up a convo about how my hubby does stand-up and improv comedy and 25 minutes later their still bantering back and forth and I was like “HELLO-can I see my child now?!?”   Once the babe was up on the screen for us to see, Daddy Perks made a very astute observation.  “Wow, honey look!  The baby’s all curled up in the fetal position.”  At which point our OB looked at him, rolled his eyes,  and said, (insert sarcasm) “Yeah-Dad…where do you think we get the expression ‘fetal position’ from?!?”  HAHAHA.  It was priceless.

Anyways, it was insane because we could literally see our little one so clearly, loud and proud.  Everything from the organs down to every last bone in his/her spine.  In fact, Daddy Perks took our ultra sound pix out into the lobby and started bragging to all the receptionists, (who he thinks have major crushes on him) telling them that his child has the best lookin’ spine that he’s ever seen.  They of course all laughed and I of course rolled my eyes.  Not because I don’t agree…it’s true-our child does have one hell of a spine.  But I told Daddy Perks if he’s not careful, they’re going to red-flag our files because every time we come into the office we make such production about how perfect our baby is…as if they haven’t heard that before.


We’ll find out April 3rd if we are having a baby boy-perks or a baby girl-perks…and YES, we will be revealing the name FINALLY.  We’ve kept our lips sealed tight as to our favorite names…so tight that we literally haven’t mentioned them to a single soul besides each other.  We can’t wait!

Happy Thursday Y’all.

3 Responses to ““Best Lookin’ Spine”…”

  1. Lisa Williams March 5, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    YAY!!!!!!! You saw the baby! How precious! I can’t WAIT to meet him/her….and to find out the BABY NAMES. By the way, tell Colin I LOVE the comment about the fetal position. That made my day! I laughed out loud at work…I think everyone around me just might think I’m crazy!


  2. Cait March 5, 2009 at 8:23 pm #

    Wow, that is a very distinctive spine…Colin wasn’t kidding!!!! He/She is definitely going to be a “looker!”

    Can’t wait to see you ALL tomorrow!


  3. Rachie March 6, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    Wow. So defined. Doesn’t it make you feel good to see a thriving little dude or dudette in there. I am DYING. Let me repeat. DYING. To know the name.

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