It happened.

22 Feb

What you ask?  Well…to quote a dear friend…Baby Perks has decided to “bump up the volume.”  

Yes, that’s right folks.  It happened.  Baby Perks decided he/she was ready to be seen by the world.  Somewhere between Thursday night (post fainting drama @ the gym) and by early yesterday morning my little one made an EBD (executive belly decision.)  A little redecorating has been done to the inside of my mid-section, and whatever rearranging my little jelly bean did on the inside is making the changes loud and clear on the exterior of his/her home!  

So much so, that over the past few days two things have been said to me to indicate I am officially passed the “looking bloated and nowhere near cute pregnant” stage and on to the “awww she must be expecting” stage.  Finally.

While I was teaching on Friday one of my student’s moms came into my classroom and said: “Well, Mrs. P…someone’s starting to pop!”  

Friday night I was out to dinner with some dear friends at a really fun spot and our waitress politely leaned into me with a big smile on her face and asked “Are you expecting dear?”  HOLY MOLY.  Here’s the deal, if you’ve got the gumption to ask a complete stranger whether or not there’s a human currently residing in her stomach you better be SURE there’s a baby in there.

So yes, it’s official.  While I’ve felt pregnant for months now, I most definitely look pregnant now too!  All day long yesterday Daddy Perks kept saying…”Honey? Are you pushing your stomach out?”  Believe me when I say, I’m as shocked as he is about how how quickly we’ve gone from the “bunny hill” bump to the full fledged “double black diamond” tummy.  (Just to use a little ski lingo for you bunnies out there.)  Ok, so maybe I’m not quite to black diamond status yet, but you get the picture!

One day you’re feeling a little gassy and bloated, and the next day you wake up feeling as if you must have consumed 17 thanksgiving dinners all at once for your stomach to look the way it does.  And that’s just how Daddy Perks is feeling…we won’t even get into my sentiment right now 😉

So at this point you’re annoyed that I haven’t even so MUCH as mentioned a pictoral confirmation of this development.  Calm down cyber world…I present to you my first official “PERK teaser” aka my sneaky way of making sure you curious monkey-blog readers bring yourselves back to LIFOP later today for the…drumroll please…

1st offical “Baby Perks Belly Bump Alert.”  

Stay tuned…muah ha ha.


3 Responses to “It happened.”

  1. shumaluckbucky February 23, 2009 at 3:17 pm #

    (Count up my brownie points in this comment)


    Great entry (+1)!!! This is so funny. You are so funny. You are brilliant. You are too good for me (+2).

    I just needed a few moments to get used to my gorgeous (+1) wife with a belly showing – because it has never, ever happened (+1) and the thought of it confused me so much (+1).

    On top of that, you aren’t showing anywhere else. Your face looks so thin and your skin so clear (+1), your legs look toned (+1) and that ass is banging (-4).

    OK, I lost ground on that last one. But I just lost my mind because how attracted to you I am – now more than ever (+1) and you are just wise and right about everything and always are and will be (+7)

    I love you (Push),
    Daddy Perks

  2. Rachie February 23, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    I just know you are sooo cute! Just wait until your sweet little speed bump turns into Mount Kilamanjaro (sp?). I knew it was bad when I could no longer see my lower half. I will certainly be back for the pic. The suspense is killing me!!!

  3. Aunt La La February 23, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    I CAN OFFICIALLY STALK YOU!! You are such a great writer! LOVE LOVE LOVE the site! Muah

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